Are You A Full Time Sitter In Germany?

TrustedHousesitters has been contacted by AnnaMaria, a young documentary filmmaker from Eastern Germany, who is curious about Housesitting and the experiences of full time sitters in Germany and would like to hear from any full time sitter members who would be interested in talking to her about her documentary project.

*"I grew up with a dog and a cat, and now live part-time with hens, sheep, horses, two peacocks, two dogs and two cats and I am searching for a housesitter on this plattform to be part of an essay-documentary film about female vagabondage in Germany in the 21st century, If you feel curious, please do get in touch.

• we would meet you on a prior video call to get to know you
• if we vibe, visit you / accompany you on a sit for 2-5 days
• planned shooting times are: may 2023 + July 2023
• we work observational and in a team of two-three people
** we work sensitive and in no rush, we are not a tv reporter team*

I would love to hear from you. Also, if you can think of someone you know who might be interested+suitable, please do let me know or forward the request." *

If you can help or just a little bit curious please Direct Message either AnnaMaria or myself.

Thank you

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