Hello from sitter of north Germany

Hello Everybody,

I’m Amina Laura and did some housesitting with my boyfriend Julius. We started with a pack of stray dogs in Panama what was quite exciting, then we sit a farm and a house in catalonia and in Italy we took care of some lovely cats. We both love travelling and felt in love with housesitting. Meeting new people, spending holiday mostly in a non-touristic area and as a big thank you for that, we have the great day to day task in taking care of the beloved pets.

I’m a pet owner of my own. Living with my lovely cat Lou in north Germany next to a small forest and close by to my Icelandic horse Fjödur. Luckily, I have people who take care of them, as I know how difficult going away from home can be.

Have to say, I’m finally joining the forum as I’m looking for a housesit around the 13th to 21 of August :smiley: .

Maybe someone is still planning summer-holidays :slight_smile: ?


Hello, welcome to the forum! I am a German citizen, too, although I live in England now.
There will be, and already are, lots of sitting offers for the summer holidays. Just go to the main website, click on “Find a house sit” and mark your desired time period under “Dates”. Then you will see all the offers available worldwide exactly on your dates!

Hello Romana, thank you! I’m actually aware of the sitting offers in summer holidays, but the sits are “only” in UK, US or australia. I’m still hoping for a housesit in europe :eyes:

@AminaLaura, there is also one in Stuttgart and one in Normandy, France, for your dates. The number you see above the UK includes sits in all other European countries. Zoom in and the number splits up and you can see the exact locations.

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Hi @AminaLaura. Welcome to the forum. There are still lots of pet sits listed for later this summer, and more are being added every day.

Do you know about setting saved searches in the main website? You can do this by entering your dates and the countries or areas you’re interested in, and clicking Save this Search. Then the system will notify you of any new pet sit listings that meet your criteria. That makes looking for sits much easier.

Again, welcome. We’re glad you’re here.