Getting to a sit when a car is available to use

New to THS and was wondering when a sit offers a car for use- do they pick you up from the airport or do you get an Uber or Lyft to their home and back to the airport? What is protocol? TIA

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This again is something you can discuss between you and them and you will find that it will vary. You can ask how is it best to get to their home from…
It opens the door and some say we can and will pick you up or give you directions to what is available.
No hard fast rules as every scenario is different. Each party should make effort to be accommodating as possible but transportation is optional.


We have been offered a car on every house-sit we have carried out abroad (apart from one in France where we didn’t need a car). Each time the HO has picked us up and taken us back to the airport. Usually the HO will then ask us to drive them to and from the airport for their holiday.


Depends on the sit - sometimes I’ll take a Lyft, often the host picks me up - recent host was leaving before I arrived and left cash to pay for the Lyft - completely unexpected.
When using a host’s car I’ve several times driven it to the airport on departure, locked the keys and parking ticket inside and texted a photo of the parking space and the host has had a ride home.