Great Dane sitter

Just enquiring for a friend. Are there any sitters who specifically look after Great Danes only? UK based only

I’m not quite understanding why the sitter has to be a Great Dane specialist. We look after all breeds and ages of dogs but “specialise “ in active dogs who need a lot of exercise.
Please explain why Great Danes need a specialist?

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There are probably plenty of sitters with great dane experience but the likelihood of finding someone who is UK based, can do whatever dates your friend might be looking for and wants to might not be huge. If your friend is that particular they may want to speak to local breeders and associations to find someone suitable nearby (who highly likely will expect some reimbursement for their time).


I highly doubt if your frind will find someone who ONLY sits Great Danes. That would be very restrictive for sitters. It would be difficult for a sitter to find sits that had only one breed of dog. Your friends will probably find people with lots of GD experience, however.

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@EJPullen66 could we have a bit more context to be more helpful?

Sorry, I probably worded it wrong. It was more the experience of looking after GD’s that I meant - not specialist.

I thought some sitters may have come forward and said that they have looked after GD’s I’m the past. This GD has never been in a kennel or away from its owners. So they are rather anxious.

@EJPullen66 that makes sense.

But also is your friend a THS member?

The chance is small that a thsitter would sit for someone outside the network for many reasons most importantly for earning a review and being able to see the home…location and responsibilities as is shown in the THS listings.


Im sure there are many sitters that have experience with large breeds who are anxious. I have aat anxious dogs before, rescues who were initial nervous about having strangers in their house. I haven’t ever sat a Great Dane but have sat other large breeds.

I think the best course of action for your friend is to create a listing that is very specific about the dog’s needs and what your friend is looking for in a sitter. I’m sure she will find suitable apllicants even if they dont specifically have Great Dane experience.


@EJPullen66 Yes, I’ve cared for great Danes. My brothers was a bit lazy though and Sidney was not a very durable walker. She died from bloat. So some of them follow particular dietary habits. They are not so different from other large breeds.

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I guess technically it’s possible but if you’re only looking for that specifically, you’ll be looking for a while.

I’m a professional dog trainer…working mainly with foundations ands with behavioural cases and have experience with large breeds (also an ex-horse trainer so I’d say that’s also cross over relevant :joy:) but I still wouldn’t say that I specialise in any one type of sit.

I actually recently applied for a sit in London area for a 1 year old Great Dane puppy and it was strange… the HO left my message unread for weeks but also never chose a sitter. I finally declined it. Each to their own.

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Not to mention lack of protection should anything go wrong…no way to confirm the person is verified, etc if they are not a member.

Not yet, I’ve been recommending they join THS and that it is an excellent avenue to explore. I’m pleased to receive some great comments and feedback from my questions. I’m going to pass on all of this, so hopefully they’ll take up my suggestion. :blush::+1:t2:

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Thank you to everyone who has left messages. It’s been really helpful and very useful. I’m going to pass on the positive comment and hopefully this will encourage them to join THS, take the plunge. It would be a perfect solution!
Thanks again :+1:t2::blush::+1:t2:


@EJPullen66 would you like @Carla @Jenny or one of the other moderators to close this topic now that you have the information, as you have said, that you need to pass on to your friend?

@EJPullen66 I’m sure members appreciate your kind words.
Good luck!

Yes please x

Hello @EJPullen66 I am glad that you got so much helpful feedback and I hope that your friends also finds it helpful and decided to give THS a go!

Thank you for letting me know you have received enough help, if anyone wants to continue a similar conversation feel free to start a new topic :smiling_face: