Greetings from Grenada

Hi all! Deidre and Jason here. Originally from the United States but we have been full time house and pet sitting for the last 8 years. Most of our time was spent in Mexico at repeat sits but things and times have changed and we are branching out. We spent the first part of the year caring for 3 wonderful dogs in Ecuador and are now on the beautiful spice island of Grenada taking care of a large property through the end of 2021. After that, who knows? Wherever we go we hope it includes dogs, dogs and more dogs. We’d actually be happy with ALL the dogs. :grin:


@Dannep be careful what you wish for as ALL the dogs is a real tangle of leads and sitters! Enjoy your island oddysey!

Hello Deidre and Jason … a big welcome to the forum - we are glad you’ve found the community and home you enjoy connecting with our members from around the world. There are plenty of full-timers here (us included!) and I’m sure you’ll discover them as you check out the topics.

Where did you sit in Mexico? We spent 8 months there house sitting and traveling and absolutely loved it. Mexico City became one of my favorite world cities! We’ve thought often about returning over the past year! So would I be correct in assuming you’re … DOG people!! :dog2: :guide_dog: :service_dog: :poodle: :paw_prints: :grinning:

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We are 1000% dog people. Every time we take care of new dogs we get new favorites. Nest part of sitting by far…We sat off and on for 7 years along the Caribbean coast (Playa del Carmen, Mahahual, Xcalak) as well as Patzcuaro in the middle of the country and a couple short sits on the west coast. While we love the country we are ready for some new experiences. Thanks for the welcome


A friend moved to her dream beach house and somehow ended up running a dog rescue out of it. I think she’s still confused on how that happened. It’s a slippery slope!:grin:

A slippery slope indeed…tell them to mind what they step in…that could be very slippery! Happy travels folks!