Greetings from Italy

Hello there, this is Tamara from Pisa (Tuscany )with my husband Alessandro are proud house/pet sitters members of this community since 2019. We enjoyed 4 house/pet sits so far, not bad considering 2 years of strict lockdown! We loved our sits a lot, we got new friends and spent quality time with lovely pets in stylish houses. This is an awesome platform, can’t wait to our next house/pet sit.


Hi @Tamara66 Welcome to our community forum thank you for joining us from beautiful Tuscany, I lived in Ravenna for 2 years and driving south into the valley was a winter joy. A beautiful country with wonderful people, food and wine … not to mention history.

4 sits during lockdown that is impressive, there will be many more to come in 2022 I’m sure.
Enjoy connecting with our member from around the world we hope you will explore the many forum topics and join in the conversations.

Angela and the Team


I am glad you enjoyed your time in Italy🤩! Thanks for your lovely welcome here. I will try interacting with other members and give my support to this community.



Hello @Tamara66 and welcome to the forum. Another one of our favourite parts of the world! We are actually heading to Saturnia hot springs and the surrounding area in about 3 to 4 weeks time. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you!! Enjoy your holidays in beautiful Saturnia. It’s an outstanding area :blush:


Hello Tamara, I’m anxiously making plans for my travels to Tuscany & Umbria in April/May! So many wonderful sites to explore… if I can get a pet sitter in Oregon, US. You live in a spectacular part of the world.


Hi @Lunazul, I agree with you! I am super lucky, Tuscany is a stunning region of Italy, there are so many fantastic places, historic towns, villages, monuments, museums, wineries etc don’t forget to visit my hometown Pisa, in June we celebrate our patron San Ranieri with a unique event ”la luminaria” all buildings along the river Arno will be illuminated by thousands of small candles.

Hope you will find a sitter very soon.