Beautiful Italy - a great place for cats!

Hello all - We’re Julie and Philip and we’re new to the forum, but not to THS. We’ve been members there for years, based in Panama. But we’ve just moved to Tuscany with our lovely cat, Kevin. She’s settling in well. She’ll need house-sitters in the future, as we travel frequently. Sometimes she comes with us, but on longer trips or those requiring a flight (she HATES flying), we would rather let her stay home with a great sitter! Our place is small, but beautiful. It is located in a medieval hilltop village, and is several hundred years old. Picture 2’ thick stone walls, beamed ceilings, arches, and church bells! We love it. Kevin loves to watch the village activities - and the village cats! Like many places here in Italy, the cats are loved and cared for by the people in the town - including us! We look forward to sharing this beautiful place, and meeting more wonderful people through THS.


Hello @2Globetrotters and welcome to the forum where you are going to find so much helpful and informative information from our members who are here to assist you along the way with your questions and/or concerns.

Oh how my heart adores Italy…I feel as though it could be my home away from home and I love all the walled cities there. That was our favorite thing to do a few years ago…travel from one to another, walking the tiny cobblestone streets and eating some amazing food. We don’t speak Italian but sometimes you can easily communicate with just a smile! We found that to be true throughout Italy.

A great way for our other members to get to know you and be able to give you valuable feedback is to link your member profile to your forum profile. By doing so, they can easily click on your info and help you with valuable advice if you have concerns about your listing or questions on what might make it more appealing. It’s amazing how much valuable knowledge exists in this group. To link the two just click here How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile - Owner & Sitter Exchange - TrustedHousesitters Community Forum.

Once again, welcome to the family!

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Your place sounds amazing, I love Tuscany!. You won’t have any trouble finding sitters. I’ve been trying to find cat sits in Italy for this summer and haven’t been able to apply for any since they go to ‘reviewing’ status within minutes.

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Thanks! Our place is pretty amazing, and we’ve been told Italy is a hot spot right now. I completely understand your difficulty with the ‘pause after five’ process. It’s quite frustrating for us as homeowners, but I imagine it’s even more so for sitters - especially if they are in a different time zone and might not even be awake when a listing posts new dates. Maybe they will tweak this system to make it more ‘user friendly’ for both sides.

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Yes, I’d love to be able to apply for a sit like yours in the future (I specialize in cats), but it’s unlikely I could apply. I’ll be in Italy for a month this summer and I’ve booked Airbnbs for the trip. But I’m sure you will very quickly get 5 applicants for your sit!

Hello, @2Globetrotters and @systaran remember that you can direct message each other on here to connect.

@systaran if you add your THS sitter profile to your forum profile then others can see your link and connect easier. Let me know if you need help adding it :grin:

We’re just loving the fact that Kevin is a she @2Globetrotters and is rocking her way around Tuscany :two_hearts: and charming the locals as she goes. Hope our paths cross one day :crossed_fingers:

Italy my favourite place and cats :cat: my favourite animal there is something special about cats.I can’t explain it. I like dogs also but I’m definitely a cat lady.

Wow! Panama to Tuscany. My husband and I were based in Panama some years back with Telecoms and I was based in Italy with Canadian Diplomatic Service! Great choices! We both took early retirement in Spain. Hopefully we will meet sometime in the future … love Cats and Tuscany! E parlo italiano! Ciao! Bernadine&Alan