Greetings from Ladygoingplaces!

Hello, I am Renée from The Netherlands and I am a member of THS since 2014. My family and I lived for many years in Greece and Canada. Due to a change in my life, I did all kinds of house and pet sitters jobs all over the world from 2014 to 2016. It worked great for me! I got kind of addicted to it and continue with my travels whenever I can. Also, I created a website in 2014 to write about my house sitting and travel adventures. As my children are living in Sydney, Australia and The Rockies in Canada, I often combine a visit to them with a house sit. I have been very lucky, as all my house sitting jobs were great! These days, my partner often joins me.


Hi @ladygoingplaces and welcome to our community forum, what a great intro and I completely understand your “LadyGP” forum name …

I have found housesitting the very best way of visiting family also :wink:

Close without being under each other’s feet, close but still having comfort, space and independence, close but having the very special companionship of a pet when those “together moments” become a little too … err, together!

We would love to hear more about your global housesitting adventure … like many of our members I’ve been on that journey also, and what an adventure journey it’s been. Where are you going to next, is there another housesit on the horizon?

Enjoy connecting with our members from around the world and thank you again for joining us from the Netherlands.

Angela and the Team

Thanks Angela, for your welcoming words! Yes, we are busy looking for a next sit soon and we just got back from an amazing Christmas sit of nearly three weeks on the island of Mallorca! We took care of two very funny and adorable labradors and we hope to go back again one day…

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I understand how you can get addicted to housesitting. I love scrolling through sits to find the right ones to apply for. I also try to get sits in areas where I have friends or family.