Greetings from Queensland, Australia

Hi @Keith1 A very warm welcome to the forum. May you enjoy all the contributions from all our wonderful members here.

I see you have been a THS sitter for a while, so please do put up your profile on your forum profile so members can meet you more ‘personally’

The way to add your profile link is here >>

You’ll find that this forum is an excellent place to make new, like-minded friends. We love to share tips, travel stories, and pet pictures, help the newer members get established, and even hold in-person meet ups 1 from time to time.

If you ever find yourself searching for answers to a particular question, you can use the magnifying glass in the top right of this window to search the forum.
There’s a good chance if you have the question, someone else had the same question and posted about it.

Enjoy the forum.
Best wishes
Therese and the forum team