Greetings from Ruby the cockapoo

Hi, my name is Ruby. I’m a lovable cockapoo from Plymouth Devon. My owners, Margaret and Clive, have been members of THS for two years. A lovely sitter came and looked after my feline sister Marbles for a while. I’m hoping there is a perfect sitter who would like to come and take me for walks on Dartmoor and along the South West Coast path. I recently had an operation on my knee, but am hoping to be back to full fitness very soon.
Margaret has been trying to find a sitter for the first week in June, but has not had any luck yet.
Fingers and paws crossed.


Hi Ruby. I did find you and Marbles on the website, but it took some searching. Maybe get some help adding your listing to Maggie’s forum username. Here’s some help for her:

Adding listing to forum username/profile

If for some reason she doesn’t want to do that, I’ll also add the sit dates here:

May 31 - June 9

I hope you find some new housemates who give you and Marbles lots of loving. You both look adorable. :revolving_hearts:

Thank you for your help. Hopefully I have followed the instructions correctly and my profile is now linked.

I see that Ruby has you well trained. :wink:

You might want to take a look at Angela’s 10 tips in this linked post and just see if there’s anything you can improve on.

Lovely sit. I have saved it in my favourites. We are already sitting in the Cotswolds during your dates but maybe some time in the future!

Thank you for your kind comments.
We will have dates later in the year.

I’m on my first cockapoo sit in Hitchin with a pair now and having a great time with them.
One of them has an amazing stare!
I have sat lot of other poodle Xs - Berne-, labra-, golden-, cava- and all have been delights in their own ways, although the bernes were big guys - Bernese and standard poodle - about 70 lbs each.
Unfortunately, I’m already sitting for your May-June dates.

Cockapoo are amazing and such fun loving affectionate creatures. Our Ruby has taken to staring at us recently, usually around her bed time. I do sometimes wish she could talk.
Glad you are enjoying your sit.
I will keep you on my list for future sits.

The Adorable Cockapoo … :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :dog: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


We are sitting a Cockapoo in June. I can’t wait - she looks adorable!