Hello from South Portland Maine!

Hi, new here. We are signed up to sit and to host sitters. We have an 11 year old Jack Russel mix, a 2 year-old kitty and two parakeets. We have lived in Maine for 15 years and love it. So much to do and see. A good friend of mine, recently starting sitting with Trusted Housesitters and suggested that we join. We have a three bedroom, two bath home with a fenced in backyard. We are in a great location; near beaches, shops and mountains. We hope to have a few short sits to prepare us for two week trip, to UK in the Spring.
We will be looking for someone to sit for us and, perhaps do some sitting while we are in Scotland. I am going to add both of our profiles. We are so excited to be a part of this group.
Please note that we may be adjusting these dates and will update soon.


Welcome @PattyBfromMaine. I’m glad you’ve joined our community and introduced yourself. My husband and I love Maine and hope to get back up that way again one day soon. What a beautiful part of the world Maine is!

I noticed your link wasn’t working quite right, so I fixed it. I also added your sitter link since you mentioned wanting both included.

I’ve sat for and was a “parent” to many dogs and cats but never a parakeet. What are they like? How long do they live?

@PattyBfromMaine - Welcome. Your sit looks interesting, but the current sit is a bit short for me and I’m already sitting those dates.
But I’ll be on watch for your 2 week spring sit. I’ve got some old friends living around Portland and I’d welcome a sit that would allow me to visit them.


your listing looks interesting :slight_smile: I love maine


Hi, I just reposted with different dates. Feel free to contact me, if you are interested.

Hi Patty!

I’m new here, too, currently close by you in Maine! I’m on a long-term sit here until May. I’m here looking after two beautiful kitties while I apply for my US citizenship, applying out of Portland, ME. :slight_smile:

I just came from a house further north that had a Jack Russel mix, and he was the most adorable dog I’ve ever met. If I get a dog, I would want one just like him. <3


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Hi @Cherie. Welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the forum. I’m glad you found us and have joined into the conversations.

One thing many of our new members do it include a link to their TrustedHousesitters page in their forum profile, then ask the members of the forum for feedback on things they might do to fine tune their page. That way you can get great feedback from both sitters and pet parents with years of experience.

Happy sitting!

@Karen-Moderator that’s a great suggestion, thanks!

I had a look at my forum profile and haven’t figured out how to add a link to my TH page. All I can see is my stats that are added automatically, and something I can click on to add a photo (which I will do later). How do I add anything else, including a link to my TH page?


Here are the instructions: