Greetings from Sonoma County, CA

New Member, hoping to find people who would like to come stay in our beautiful home on the Russian River when we travel from time to time, and care for a golden retriever who may be the sweetest being on the planet. Looking forward to meeting others and participating.
Kind regards~


Hi Karen, ‘Goldies’ are my perfect breed of dog (after Cavalier King Charles!). Sadly, I have only a small house here in England so a boisterous Goldie is out of the question. But one day, …! If you are looking for a sitter, please consider me. Obv I have a profile on THS. I am a teacher in the UK so I can travel only during certain UK school holiday times. Look forward to hearing from you! Laura.

HI Laura, My message was intended to put out the need for a sitter, not to bring my dog anywhere. I am brand new to this site and not yet clear how it works. We are going on a 2 week trip in September and would like to find someone to stay and take care of our dog.
Thank you.

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Yes that’s the way I read your post. However, September is term time for me so am sorry I’m not able to sit for you.

HI Karen, welcome to TrustedHousesitters and to our community forum where you will find lots of help and support from our members also our Membership Services Team are available throughout your membership and can advise you on how to create the best listing and get started finding the right sitter for your pet and home.

Thank you for joining our community, I’m including the link to our website blog where you’ll find a lot of great information explaining exactly how it all works, how to create a great listing, choosing your sitter, questions to ask and safe COVID guidelines Owners |

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions here on the forum or via our on site Membership Services Team, you can connect with them via email or Live Chat during on line hours.

A beloved Goldie and Sonoma Country CA, two ingredients for a successful pet and housesitting experience.

Angela & The Team

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Hi @Kaya2300. My husband and I used to live in the East Bay, and we love getting back to N Cal any chance we can. The Russian River areas is a beautiful part of the world! Feel free to message me in the future when you start making travel plans.


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Hi Karen, My husband John and I would absolutely love to come and house sit for you and look after your golden retriever.
We know the Russian River area well and we can come whenever is required as we are both now retired! Hubby has just retired as a Captain with British Airways after 40 years of service and it has always been our dream and intention to housesit worldwide once he retired.
We are free in September and are more than happy to fly over and meet up beforehand or a few days prior to the sit, whichever suits you,
Kind Regards, Samantha & John

@Kaya2300 I’m a homeowner in Sonoma County too, and trust me, you will have no lack of amazing applicants! Just post your dates then be ready to hit the Pause button on applicants or be overwhelmed with tough decisions. Welcome to the site, it’s been awesome for us so far!