Hello from Sonoma County, northern CA

Hello! I’m Sheri, my husband Jon and I started with THS in Jan 2020 with big travel plans for the year :joy: Obv that didn’t happen, but we had two wonderful experiences. We were actually out of the country when CA went into SIP and our sitters were ahhhhmazing as we tried for two extra weeks to make our way home. We’ve been so lucky and are so grateful for this THS community! We are now trying to figure out how to make the trip we’d cancelled, spending 3-4 months with our camper in PNW and BC, Canada during summer and fall 2021. It’s so hard to make plans these days, but we are hopeful that things will fall into place. I will make a new post on that topic, just wanted to say hey from our little farm, happy to be here with all of you :slightly_smiling_face:


@Shafofo Hello Sheri and welcome to our community forum and what a great introduction, thank you for sharing your TrustedHousesitters experiences so far, we’re sure there will be many more to come.

So many of our community have plans on hold but we also have so much to look forward to, Enjoy the conversations, connecting with other members and we look forward to hearing more about your next great PNW & BC adventure.

Thank you for being part of our amazing community.

Angela & The Team

Hi Sheri!
I spend quite a bit of time in Northern CA as a sitter…if you ever need one in the future, let me know! I’m in the PNW right now but I’m due back in the bay area mid-March. I also travel with my friendly 14 year old Jack Russell Terrier if you’re ok with that.

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Hi Maria, thanks for reaching out, I will definitely keep you in mind for our summer travels! It’s a great place for a small dog, though I’m not sure how much my sheep would enjoy that :laughing: We will be looking for someone who wants to stay a while and has prior experience with the new “wildfire season” and temporary power outages, so if you’ve been living in the area you might be the perfect fit. It’s a wonderful spot but it does present some challenges these days.

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Thanks for responding!
I’ve spent 5 months in Northern CA and due to return mid-March earliest unless my plans in WA change. As far as my dog, I can assure you she’s not a typical Jack plus she’s elderly and doesn’t chase after or bother other animals but she does love other dogs! She most likes human & canine company and the rest of the time she sleeps. I do have some friends that live in the area that would help me out in case of any wildfire situations.
Maria (& Penny)


Hello sheri and jon


Hello Sheri and Jon :wave:t2: