Hello from Northern California coast

Hello! Bonjour!

I’m a French Canadian/American living in Humboldt County and new to this community. I’m a happy cat mom of Kali who’s a fluffy Calico Maincoon type.

I’ve been an Airbnb host for years, renting my guest bedroom mainly to tourists traveling the west coast. I teach at the local university and I’m an avid outdoor enthusiast. I’ve got the tips for those interested in some fun adventures in my area. In my spare time, I do obstacle course racing and enjoy working in the garden.

I travel quite a bit for fun and work, and I’m looking for a sitter for the upcoming holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas). I’ll also be on sabbatical next year and I’m hoping to try housesitting in various places while I work remotely and take some time off from teaching.

Looking forward to getting to know more this community!



Hello / bonjour Gen! I’m an Acadian & French Canadian who married an American from Humboldt County in 2015. We now run a waterfront Airbnb in Michigan and are the Airbnb Host Community Leaders for Northeastern Michigan. We’re new on TrustedHousesitters. How has your experience been so far? We’re actually looking for a warm weather pet sit for the Christmas holidays as things are rather chilly here in Michigan (but not as chilly as Canada!)


Welcome.Gen, you have found the right place for a community that cares!


@MimiMills Wow! Crazy coincidences!
I have my first sitter coming next week. He lived in Humboldt before and our conversation on the phone was great. He’s been super communicative and I don’t think I’ll have any problems.
I’m hoping to do some sitting in Winter/Spring as I travel, so it will be interesting to see the other side. It’s been hard to find gigs ahead of time for the locations that I’m interested in, but I think as I get closer to those months things will open up.

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