Hello from Sacramento CA, USA

Hello I’m Janet and my husband Dale live in Sacramento CA. We are new to THS and just recently found this forum. We have 2 fur pets, MJ our 4 yr old Golden Retriever and our newest addition Mochi 10 months old Mini Poodle. They’re best friends and love to play. My husband used to work for the airlines for 30 yrs so we traveled quite a bit in the past. We took time off to raise 3 kids and of course had many pets…they are all adults now and live in LA and my youngest lives with her hubby in the Bay Area…still waiting for Grandkids…But before that happens we’d like to travel a bit and what better way then with THS since we love both love animals and traveling. About 7 yrs ago we walked the “ Camino” in Spain a spiritual walk starting from the Pyrenees in France to Camino Santiago in Spain 500 miles. We made a lot of new friends…and We hope to make lots of new friends in the future. Janet and Dale


Hello @janet. Welcome to our forum, a community of friendly pet sitters and owners. I’m glad you found us. I see you joined TrustedHousesitters just as the pandemic hit in the Bay Area / Sacramento area in 2020. Thanks for staying with us even though travel wasn’t on anyone’s mind at that point.

My husband and I lived in the East Bay (Walnut Creek) for many years. While we were there we loved exploring throughout the region, including in Sacramento and the Gold Country areas. That’s such a beautiful part of the world. Have you always lived there?

I just looked at your listing and realized you live in the town where I was born. What a small world this is!

You’ll find that this forum is an excellent place to make new like-minded friends. We love to share tips, travel stories and pet pictures, help the newer members get established, and even hold in-person meet ups from time to time.

If you ever find yourself searching for answers to a particular question, you can use the magnifying glass in the top right of this window to search the forum. There’s a good chance if you have the question, someone else had the same question and posted about it.

Welcome to the community.

Hi @Karen,

Thank you for the nice welcome…actually I just joined about a week ago…and yes it is a small world. I think we’ve switched places. My hubby and I are originally from the Bay Area. We moved to Folsom in 1990 to raise our family…but I miss the Bay. My older sister lives in Orinda so I pass Walnut Creek often.

Luckily, I think we found someone that wants to sit… Minnie. So I will be going back and forth but she sounds like a pro been doing it for awhile.
Meet-ups sound fun. This forum is very helpful for us newbies.

Have a great weekend,


I’m glad you’ve found a great candidate! I hope all the back and forth goes well, and it ends up being a good fit for you, her, MJ and Mochi.

Happy weekend to you too.

Hi @janet
I’m doing a sit in Sacramento end of Sept.
If you fancy meeting up that would be great.
I am a solo sitter and come from Edinburgh Scotland.
Cheers F.

Hello Fiona,

Yes, that sounds fun! If the date works that would be great…Let me know when you will be in Sac. I will be out of town till Sept 20th but so any date after will work. Let me know :~)


Hi Janet
Thanks for getting back to me.
I am in Sacramento 28th Sept -15th Oct.
Will get in touch once I’m settled in at the sit

Sounds good…:+1: Jan

Hi Jan
I am getting in touch again as I am now in Sacramento cat sitting.
It would be really nice to meet up if that that would be convenient for you.
Unfortunately I am not driving and I am actually nearer Carmichael than downtown Sacramento. No transport as in buses in the area. Not sure how easy would be for you to head in my direction.
let me know what you think.

Hi Fiona,
When did you want to meet? I have a guest here right now till Monday. So anytime
On Monday is fine. Just let me know what works for you and I’ll try to make it work.


Hi Janet
I can do any day at any time. and available until 15th Oct. Where in Sacramento are you ? not that I am going to be any wiser lol.
Do you use WhatsApp ? I can make phone calls to numbers in the US.
if you happen to use WhatsApp.
Be nice to meet and have a chat.

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Happy chatting.

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No problem @fyfie and please don’t hesitate to ask when you are not sure about anything, Admins and members are here to help.