Hello from Sacramento area

Hi, I’m Rob. My wife and I live in the Sacramento area. Our kids still live at home and we have an adorable 6 year old Labradoodle, plus 3 guinea pigs which belong to our son. We like to travel and have sitters before, which has generally gone well. Over the near future we might enjoy local housesits over a long weekend. Until our kids are moved out we probably won’t need too much sitting at our house, but in the future who knows. I love the idea of community helping each other, and helping adorable pets, whats not to like.


Hi Rob and welcome to our community forum I wanted to take a peek at your furry family but I see you haven’t finished your registration yet so no profile or listing photos to peek at, we look forward to seeing those … thank you for your introduction.

Speaking of Labradoodles here is another TrustedHousesitters family photo …

Everyone loves a Labradoodle :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :dog:

Welcome again …

Angela & The Team


Hi and Welcome Rob and Family :wave:
I’m sure once the time comes and you need a sitter, you’ll find just what you need here. This is a wonderful community here.
-Deb :heart: