New from Milwaukee Suburb, USA

My name is Julie. We live outside of Milwaukee. We have a one year old male neutered mini Australian Labradoodle named Jordy. He is the sweetest pup - very much a people lover. He actually loves everyone! We have a large backyard area with an underground fence. He rings a bell to go outside for potty. We let him out alone during the day but on a long line at night due to coyotes sometimes being around. He is “kinda” trained to simple commands. I work with him daily to improve his skills. We use the “Do No Harm” training philosophy. He’s sort of spoiled. Not to make this too long I should mention he has a slight case of separation anxiety which I can explain in depth in a future conversation,

We don’t have any travel plans at the moment . We usually travel twice per year but Covid restrictions have grounded us! I wanted to introduce myself & see if there are any sitters interested in a possible collaboration - otherwise, and in the meantime I will continue reading this great information.
Sincerely, JUlie -Jordys mom


Hello Julie and thank you for joining us from Milwaukee, and for introducing your puppy, Jordy. Jordy sounds full of love and I’m sure when the time comes for you to travel that you’ll find someone from our amazing community of pet lovers to take very good care of him with all the sensitivity required to ensure his anxiety is kept at bay and managed according to your instructions.

Even if you aren’t quite ready to travel, you can start to prepare your profile and welcome guide information, then you’ll be ready to go live with your listing as your travel is booked.

It sounds like you are already discovering the benefits of the forum and I know you’ll find some great tips from among our community here, and on the TrustedHousesitters blog. But, if at any stage of your TrustedHousesitters journey you need any specific help do ask our members or direct message any of the forum team.

Enjoy connecting with others from around the world, and we all look forward to following your individual journey with us. All the best from the forum team!


Hi Julie!
We’re originally from the Midwest (Chicago). There are plenty of sitters in the area that would be interested. Milwaukee is a great area and Australian labrodoodles are lovely!

Vanessa has given some great advice. Good luck!