Greetings from Texas

Hello from Texas where everything is bigger, including the heat.

My name is Tawana Clark and I am new to this in every way.
I am new to traveling and so far I have been very pleased with the applicants and the way THS handles things. I just accepted my first sitter for my upcoming trip in November and can’t wait to meet her.
I am widowed of six years and it has taken some time to adjust but , with the help of three very dear ladies I have met since, moving to Richmond Tx. and the faith in God, I am doing much better.
I am looking forward to being able to travel and not have to kennel my fur baby Zoie. She has never been kenneled and I didn’t want to start now. It is nice to have such a trusted group of people to help.

Looking forward to chatting with more who have used this service.


This is my first time using THS too. We used to use family members, but the situation has changed–nothing bad, their new dogs don’t get along with our cats–but we will not kennel our babies (feline or canine) either. The last time we did that, our poor old doggie became so ill that the vet bill was higher than the boarding bill. I’m glad to hear that you are traveling now, sorry for your loss of your spouse. Good luck with THS. I have heard great things about it. (PS we are in North Texas.)

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Welcome to the forum, @3307 , It’s good to hear that you are adjusting after your loss and that you have a good support system. Congratulations on booking your first sitter! May it be the first of many good experiences.

You will also find the forum to be a support. Members help other members, friendships are made and and viewpoints are expressed. Feel free to post if you need help with anything or want to participate in a discussion. You can also use the magnifying glass icon on the upper right to search questions and topics of interest. Hope to see more of you.


Welcome! Glad you’ve found a good support system since losing your husband. Hope THS works smoothly for you as well. Folks in the forum are quick to help, so don’t hesitate to ask if you have Qs.

I enjoy Texas and have spent a lot of time visiting there, including various road trips over decades. My next visit will be sitting in your neck of the woods this fall.

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We are home owners with pets but would love to come sit in Texas as we have many friends there.

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