Greetings! New Sitter based in southern California

Hi all,

I just joined today and am setting up my profile (attached to my forum profile).

I’m a full-time RVer with a home base in southern California (north of San Diego). I travel in the summer and fall. I am hoping this gives me the opportunity for lovely getaways during my time at the RV resort.

Any other RVers or nomads out here? I’d love to hear about your experiences.


My traveling cat companions, Coco and Izzy

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Hi @drbrendau and welcome from another newbie! I’m in Australia and hope to sit in the US in the next year or two. Happy house-sitting adventures to you! Your profile looks fantastic :blush:


Welcome @drbrendau
Beautiful cats you have! There are a number of full time or part time nomad sitters on THS. I am a part time nomad, in that I tend to do 7-14 day sits around Europe before returning to my apartment in London.
A quick tip when starting out on THS as a sitter is to do a few local or last minute sits first to build up some (hopefully) positive reviews. This will enable you to apply for more desirable locations and stand a chance. Good luck.