Greetings, This is your Happy Pet and Home Sitter!

Home and pet sitting practically full time since early 2018 except for the “great pause”. Now that things are opening up again, I am back out and happy to say am fully booked into December.
I was introduced to this after retirement by my daughter who has been home and pet sitting for many years prior. I honestly did not think this was for me as I thought of it as something for young people.
Wow, wow, wow was I ever mistaken. This has changed my entire life and I am absolutely in love with it.
I have well over 60 sits, countless kittens, dogs, rabbits, chickens, and ducks in 9 countries! 99% with THS! Many repeat sits too! I have met incredible people many I am pleased to say are now friends, stayed in homes in places I never imagined possible and have had some wonderfully delightful experiences with the animals.
I call myself a HouseSitter Genie because I delight in fulfilling the wishes of my home and pet owners. I am in process of developing my own website and writing my amazing adventures with the intention of inspiring others.
A pleasure to be here. I look forward to hearing your stories as well.

Happy home and pet owners on their way!


Good morning from Scotland @Amparo and welcome to the forum.
Your introduction has really cheered me up today. I started sitting full time in 2017, but have not been able to do any for about a year now. Hope to start up again soon, fingers crossed.



Good Day @Petermac!
Thank you. Things will pick up, there are numerous sits in your part of the world. Scotland is one of my absolute fav places which I had the pleasure to visit (sit) 8 times in one year.
All our wishes fulfilled!


Happy Day @Amparo because that’s what you have done for us, thank you!

What a wonderful introduction and welcome to our Community Forum. I love your reference to COVID as ‘The Great Pause’ perhaps spelt 'PAWS" which prevented many of us from continuing our chosen pet and housesitting lifestyles, making our growing return to pets, people and places even more sweet.

I’ve been sitting for 14 years, full time with THS since the very beginning and like you it has changed my life. THS has given me the “Best Job In The World” I’m able to talk to amazing members like you and @Petermac, sharing stories, helping one another, inspiring one another and supporting when needed, that’s the true sense of community and at the very heart are the pets … without these wonderful creatures none of us would be connected.

So enjoy being here, the conversations and connecting with members from around the world. We can’t wait to hear more of your stories and welcome again! :heart_eyes:

Angela and the Team


I couldn’t have put it better. I absolutely love my travelling/housesitting lifestyle


Oh my @Angela-CommunityManager thank you so much for your warm greeting and I am chuffed at your suggestion for The Great PAWS :heavy_heart_exclamation:
I have every intention of sharing my stories, “mystories” I call them because it truly is a great mystery how wonderful and exciting life is now thanks to all these lovely animals and their owners.



@Smiley It truly is too much fun. What a way to live :smile_cat: