Happy Holidays

To Everyone celebrating
Yom Kipur

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Thank you sharing this lovely message @Grandma

TrustedHousesitters is a multicultural, global community with members in 130 countries presenting wonderful opportunities to share in and learn from one another.

Through TrustedHousesitters and a little dog called Stella, we have made lifelong friends with a couple in Los Angeles who invited us into their home to share their Friday family Shabbat meal … Brian went to the trouble of writing a full description of “What is Shabbat” we were so moved by his kindness and our inclusion, we were made to feel very special.

We can Google anything we know but there’s nothing like authenticity, personal perspective and experience. Is there an event, celebration or tradition you have always wanted to know more about?

Why not ask, there may just be someone in our community who can give you the answer.

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