Have you ever had a nickname?

Have you ever had a nickname? If so, what was it, and how did you get it?

I’ll start. When my brother and sisters and I were just a twinkling in my parents eyes, Mom and Dad agreed Mom would pick the first names for girls, and Dad would select the first names for boys.

Then my siblings and I came into the world, three girls then a boy. Mom liked names that start with K’s, so we girls all got K names (as did my brother later.)

After Karilyn (the third girl) was born my elderly grandmother started to get confused who was who (She was 3,000+ miles away, so we talked on the phone with her more than seeing her.)

To make things easier my father nicknamed us K(birth order number), so I became K2. The nicknames stuck, and we used them a lot around home.

In second grade I was thrilled when I learned they’d named a famous mountain after me! Imagine the glory! :rofl: (After I learned that wasn’t the case, I quickly decided being named for a very important mountain was also very cool.)

We “kids” still use our nicknames with each other from time to time, and one sister even signs her emails to family that way. So yes, the nicknames stuck.

How about you? Have you ever had a nickname?


Well mine was far less impressive, no climbing to mountainous heights for me …

At school some of the other pupils discovered my middle name which is Denise. Children being children (little angels) decided “Dirty Knees” was for more “suitable” than Sinclair (we were known by our surnames) … it stayed with me through high school and while I’ve had others since for some reason that one immediately came to mind.

PS I’ve always made sure my knees were kept scrupulously clean … It obviously scarred me for life :rofl:


Mosquita Muerta which means the dead fly.
This was due to my extreme shyness and aversion of speaking and looking directly at people.
Which is now the biggest driver to being a woman alive in every sense.
Interesting how these things make an impact @Angela-HeadOfCommunity. My surname is Pagan and well I’m coming home :smiley::woman_fairy:


@Karen-Moderator i have a similar nickname story related to family names and initials. I’m from a family of 8, and we all have the same first and last name initial of J and J (Joseph)
(At least before some of us married).
Parents- Josephine & John
I met my other half in high school…his sister was my best friend. We began dating, and would pass notes back and forth in the hallways (yes, we are THAT old :wink:). He asked his sister if I had a nickname, and she told him JJ. Imagine my surprise, as I had to stifle a giggle, when I read the first line of the note…
‘Dear Jay Jay :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
I obviously don’t still carry that nickname around anymore, as I married that silly guy back in 1978. He still has amazing penmanship, and most days he knows how to spell my name :wink:


Pegret is my nickname - combo of Peggy and Margaret


My husband calls me “Poppet” which is an English endearment. I’m sure those of you who are English have heard this nickname :slight_smile:


love this combination. My mum’s name was Margaret and of course she was always nicknamed Peggy but I love Pegret.

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