Fascinating Forum Usernames

Hello everyone

Browsing and reading a lot of posts I have become interested in usernames and how they are chosen.

My particular favourite is gracefulwolf.

Mine is quite boring in comparison :joy:

Just for a laugh I thought of some self promoting ones below LOL!!


All joking aside I would be interested to know about your usernames and how they came to be

Have a great day

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Hahaha, what a fun topic :rofl:
My username means translated Düsen=jet, Zofe=maid. I am a flight attendant and as it is known that cats don’t have owners but personal I am a jetmaid. However it doesn’t really translate well into English.


Jetmaid! We have a really derogatory term in UK “trolley dolly” for cabin crew. I’ve always hated it as I think you have a very responsible job.

Thanks for replying :smiley:

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I think I’ll change mine to “Bali hai”

I know it’s not the same Bali as the song, but fun anyway.

And there is a beer called Bali Hai so that works…



Yes, here the word Saftschubse, meaning someone who pushes juice (on a trolley) is used sometimes. Thank you :blush: for appreciating what we do.


My username could I suppose be taken two ways - as someone who loves the snow, or someone who flies away from it. In North America, the term ‘snowbird’ might be easily understood, but I realized perhaps not for those areas of the world with a very different climate to where I live, in Canada.

A Canadian snowbird is one who likes to travel to warmer countries to escape the cold Canadian winters. :sunglasses: Most are retirees, and we mainly flock to the southern United States and Mexico, although Portugal has also become popular. My first choice is Mexico, but my wings have been clipped by the pandemic, so I’ve given in to boots and winter coats again this year. :roll_eyes: :cloud_with_snow: :snowflake: :snowman:


Says it all really!


We’re with you there. John loves the sun and we’ve been following it to Spain and Portugal for years. We escape the damp and grey skies of the UK


mattersfact2 - because I have a habit of saying “mattersfact” instead of “as a matter of fact”. I didn’t know for YEARS where it came from. One day, in my 40s, I was on the phone with my mother and she blurted “mattersfact”. AH-HA! I got it from MOM.


Mine is pretty unimaginative, it’s my initials, but it has outer space and candy connotations.



That’s funny especially You are here!!:rofl::milky_way::stars:

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I call all animals I care for my creatures and the main reason I do it is for cuddles so it seemed like a no brainer. :slight_smile:

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Great topic!

My username is a bit of a story… I used to be married to a farmer and I used to breed Shire horses and Welsh Cobs. In order to register the foals I needed to register a stud name… The obvious choice for me was the name of our farm…Orfold… however my father in law had previously bred Shire horses and already had the Orfold stud name, so I had to think of something else, so I rearranged the letters and came up with Foldor so if you ever see a horse called Foldor anything, it’s one I bred! (Type Foldor Seraph into YouTube :wink: ) It was a long time ago that I was breeding horses so I doubt that many of my babies are still around…


My name is my real name it was my grandmother’s name who came from Spain and I never met.
When I was born, there was a “family feud” about giving me that name and my original birth certificate actually has a blank where the given name should be.
Through the years I was called many things. Some were meant as terms of endearment others not so nice.
I finally claimed it as my own in 1997 at age 42 and that’s it, signed and sealed. People still call me names :rofl:


Hi that is so interesting thanks for sharing

Warm regards Caroline

Hola Amparo! Amazing. .John says he’s been called names by "experts":rofl:. Especially when he was in the army.
Still it’s a beautiful name

Warm regards Caroline

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Good stuff. Builds character like a boy named Sue :wink:


Maybe I should have been more imaginative. Mine is my real name shortened. Elspeth, Gaelic for Elizabeth, is such a mouthful and no one spells it properly. I am 5th generation named in my family. When my daughter was born everyone assumed she would be 6th. She’s called Hazel Anne.


Good for you. A break from Tradition :+1::slightly_smiling_face:. This has been a very lively topic and I have enjoyed all the great replies

Warm regards. Caroline

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My username is simply the name of one of my dogs, Boodie, a bearded collie. She is named after Boudica, but it has been shortened since she was a puppy. She is the one on the left.

boodie basil