Fascinating Forum Usernames

@ElsieDownie , Elspeth is a very popular baby’s name now. My stepdaughter wanted to name her new baby Elspeth, as she loves her Scottish heritage, but felt it was becoming too common! She named the baby Lilias instead.

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Boodie. A warrior woman! They are both gorgeous. The brindle reminds me of my son’s dog Star. Thanks for sharing that

Warm regards. Caroline

Lilias is an unusual and beautiful name

Another lovely name. I think I’m so disparaging because it’s so common in my family.

Boodie was never going to be a candidate for a pretty girl or flower name. Her name suits her :blush: The brindle boy is Basil, and definitely, and sadly, in the twilight of his life. Rescued at the age of 3 weeks from a drug den and living with us at 5 weeks, his limbs do not match his body and he has been a bit of a challenge with his wonky legs and goldfish brain, but is one of the happiest, sweetest dog that ever lived.


Aw! Similar story to Star. My son’s friend rescued her. She was four months and trapped in a room. She lived a long and happy life

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Mine’s probably pretty obvious, but since a lot people think of their pets as their “fur children”, I like to think of myself as the “cool aunt” looking after them while their parents are away. And since I mostly look after cats…well, there you go.


Yes I like that. I’m on my first sit and I am auntie to a cute little dog

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I am on this forum very little, but your topic caught my attention, and then I was surprised and felt so honored to see your comment about my username❤️

I really like learning about origins of names. My parents’ last names are both Spanish. I put my username together based on my mother’s last name coming from “wolf” and my father’s from “grace.”

Thanks, again, for the compliment.


It’s very beautiful.


Hola Gracefulwolf!

Thanks for the explanation. So your parents names were Lobo and Gracia?

Have a great day.

Warm regards


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Hi CarolineJohn1. You know some Spanish! Those would be the direct translations. I took the origins of their names, which is a bit more complicated. Good try, though!

Thank you. I love the name Amparo.

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Hi Sounds interesting :relaxed:

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Gracias, yo tambien.
Your user name reminds me of Women Who Run With The Wolves.

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One of my all-time favorites!!

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Hope this is the right place for this response- I am a tech village idiot. Origin of name apresmoiledeluge: I was a prolific reader at a very young age( though technically esn as they then called it) and had read many key classic works by 14

My Dad loved all things Russian so I was influenced by him to read Dostoyevsky’s The Idiot where there is a reference to ’ apresmoildeluge’ French King quote. Lot of disorder in Dostoyevsky so without knowing the French origins, I correctly associated it with ’ after me there will be chaos’. Quite boring really but the Idiot is excellent. Definitely spelt the writer’s name wrong though.


Love this more than you know.
Very cool


Very interesting! @apresmoiledeluge. Especially reading so well so young.
I still use the phrase TOUT VA POUR LE MIEUX DANS LE MEILLEUR DES MONDES… Voltaire… everything works for the best in the best of all possible worlds (?)

Voltaire meant it cynically but I use it when something good has happened.

We were due back to the UK before Christmas but all our family begged us to stay in Spain due to the COVID situation.

I found this site and we are enjoying a lovely sit in Marbella with an adorable little dog and communicating with all the great people on this site.

Warm regards Caroline


Hello @apresmoiledeluge and what a fascinating back story! I read The Idiot many many years ago, and you’ve just inspired me to a re-read. It’s amazing to see how one interprets a classic with many years of life experiences between readings, I find!

Just wanted to mention that I’ve moved your reply here, as I think this may have been where you were trying to reply. If not, it’s a great thread to have your answer. And don’t worry… negotiating all the threads is something we’ve all had to learn - if you are new to forums it’s a different experience I’ve found :slight_smile: Have a lovely day, Vanessa