Hello from the latest Newbie Sitter in Worcestershire

Hi from myself (Jo), and my fiance Paul from the town of Kidderminster in Worcestershire, England. We are new to the role of TH sitters and currently navigating this amazing world of people and pets in the Forum and TH website. Worcestershire is a beautiful county and we have lived here for 10 years together but have been together as a couple for 18. Our love and joy is our 16 year old tabby grey/brown shorthair Tigger, whom we adopted from neighbours when they moved away. She instantly took to us, even though the house was upside down at the time with building work, and made it her home. Tigger stays with her Nanny and Grandad when we go away for a little bit, they adore here and she loves their place, especially the sunny conversatory. I was drawn to cats from an early age, no idea why but I do know I find them extremely fascinating and adorable! I am hoping this will be a wonderful positive experience with TH but I’m not great at selling myself and need all the advice I can get on how to get off to a good start!


Welcome Jo and Paul. Tigger sounds like a delight.
Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have.
We look forward to hearing and learning from you from own experiences and perspectives.

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Hello and welcome. If you have created your profile and would like to have constructive feedback from supportive forum members, you can embed your profile in your forum username. Here are the instructions:

How to embed a link into your username

You can also search for a sitter on the THS website and read other sitters’ profiles. You may want to first take a look at those with a high number of reviews, as it’s likely they have had time to modify their profile, incorporate points gained from a wide range of experiences.

To satisfy my curiosity, I’d also like to see a post from you in fascinating usernames :thinking: :smiling_face:


Welcome Jo! Your old girl Tigger sounds a delight. I have three cats myself.

I am sure that lots of people will have some great advice for you. As a HO, the thing I will say that I particularly like is when someone’s authentic self shines through the profile, much like it is in your post! I agree that embedding your profile in your forum name and asking for feedback is a good idea. Looking forward to seing you around.

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Hi Boodie, thank you that’s lovely. I have done the embed thing so hope it’s all good! Cheers

Hi Snowbird, thanks great advice! I have done the embed thing so hope it works ok. Will visit the Fascinating Usernames thread soon!


Hi Joanne, and thank you for sharing your username story. It was an enjoyable read.

I have looked at your sitter profile and I do have some suggestions. Look at the importance of your content based on what would be your priorities as the pet/homeowner:

  • Will the sitters be a good fit to care for my pet?

  • Do they have the necessary skills to care for my home?

  • What have previous homeowners said about them?

  • Are they available?

Keep in mind that you may be one of many applicants. Some homeowners will quickly scan through applications, similar to reviewing job resumes (which often get an instant decision within seconds). Other homeowners spend a considerable amount of time on each application, so be respectful of their time.

Although most want to get a sense of the personalities of the applicants, this should not be your primary focus, or a lengthy one at the start. I suggest you shorten your introduction and be more direct at addressing the areas I’ve suggested.

While you do not have any reviews, gathering relevant references is important. Once you get reviews, references do become less important.

In your photos, it’s good to include ones showing you spending time with pets or animals, especially those that reflect your personalities.

You will read on the forum that the calendar needs improving. However, again it is a tool to show your availability. When you look at your calendar, green dates show that you are available. I suggest you take some time to set yours up, as it is just one more way to show your availability.

Currently, many sitters are also showing their chosen geographic limitations, if any, as to where they will consider sits. Also many are showing their vaccination status, but that is certainly a personal choice. Many will show whether or not they are non-smokers, as this is a priority for many homeowners. There are so many pertinent details that are important to share. Think of the things that are likely important to the homeowner. Remember that you are not selling yourselves as friends for the homeowners, but rather as an ideal fit for their pet, their home, and their travel plans.

Please share with us on the forum, when you do get your first sit booked. We will enjoy sharing in your excitement.

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