Hello, Bonjour, 你好, Hallo, Ciao

Hi everyone!

So excited about this forum and being involved in the TrustedHousesitters community :dog::heart_eyes_cat::rooster:

My partner and I have been on this site for just about 6 months and after our first sit we knew this community was our new “home” and are looking forward to making new fur friends around the world :earth_americas:

Home base is in San Diego, California and you can usually catch me (Justine) and my partner (Christian) volunteering at the THS events when we are in town… There is one this Saturday Feb 26th at Little Italy Dog Park and it would be great to meet anyone from the THS community there :grin:


Welcome to our community forum @Justine so happy you could join us from sunny San Diego CA.

Thank you for your great introduction and also for supporting our community by volunteering at THS local events.

We hope you have an amazing day on Saturday and for any other members in the San Diego area, please come and meet Justine, Christian and other THS Team Members. We look forward to seeing you at Little Italy Dog Park Little Italy Dog Park / Explore / Little Italy San Diego between 10.00 amd and 2.00 Pm

… There’s FREE ice cream (for the doggies of course)

Thank you Justine and welcome again.

Angela & the Team

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