Hello from Alberta, Canada

Hello, I’m Barbie and my husband is Dale. We live in Alberta Canada on an acreage, we’re retired and ready to travel and spend time with pets, which we’ve had many, and see the world. We scuba dive, hike, bike and love our 16 grandkids!


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Where are you intending to travel first? Are your grandkids in lots of different places?

I enjoy pet sitting and house sitting near where my children live so that I can see them frequently while also having a separate space and getting some of my own pet time.

Hello @ohtheplaceswego and welcome to the Community Forum :slightly_smiling_face:
Do you have any particular places in mind that you would like to travel to? :earth_americas:

HI @ohtheplaceswego where are you in Alberta, near Edmonton or Calgary … or nowhere near either? It is a very big Province. I lived on an acreage in Stony Plain for a number of years … a few stories to tell about winter acreage living :canada: :wink:

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Hi and thanks for the friendly welcome! We are in Foothills, AB. Basically in the Dewinton, just 5 minutes south of Calgary. We’d like to travel anywhere there is some diving to be done. We’d also love to get to some places in Europe but feels a bit intimidating having never been before. We are having some issues getting the link for the ID Check to work so I’m hoping this last attempt works so we can go live. Then I’ll have lots of questions Emoji


Holy Moly 16 grandkids! wow what a legacy…but I am curious how do you keep track of all of them (their activities/interests/even ages?). I have three nephews and have a hard time keeping track of them :rofl: I bet the holidays are just wild. How many gran- pets do you have?

It’s definitely a challenge! 4 girls and 12 boys all 12 and under! We have 3 grand-dogs. Tending one now

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