Hello from Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada

Hello fellow forum users, I’m recently retired from a long career in natural resource management with Parks Canada. I’ve been a member of THSitters for years. I’ve been a sitter through the site only twice but have had sitters care for our pets/home on 4 occasions and it has been a terrific experience all around. Now that I’m retired I’d like to do more sitting. My wife works part time still and is willing, at times, to stay back and care for our cat and dog while I’d travel for THSitters. This is the first “forum” I’ve joined and I thought it a good place to broaden my knowledge of the community.


Hello, @Cosley I would like to wish you a very warm welcome to the community and can see that you have added your sitters’ profile link to our forum profile so other members can view it and get to know you.

It seems like you have been a member of TrustedHousesitters for a while and it is great that you are now here where you can connect with other community members and use the spyglass to read previous topics. Plus share your experience by contributing to topic threads.

Your photos are wonderful and I will be showing my husband the one of the dog with the backpack. He wanted to get our high-energy foster dog one of those as we hiked a lot.

I look forward to hearing about your sitting adventures!
Best wishes Carla

Thank you Carla - my first “forum” so we’ll see how it all goes. It looks like a wonderful “community” …it must be a fair bit of work moderating all. Here is another photo for your husband - my dog is a born skijorer! The photo doesn’t show my skis well but they are there under me - flying along behind Oka. He is one fine dog! Time now for his afternoon walk!


Wow, that is a great way for you both to see nature and exercise. I will pass it on as very inspirational and Oka looks like he is having the time of his life :dog: :skier:

Here is a link that might be helpful when navigating the forum: How to use our Community Forum | TrustedHousesitters.com

You’ll find plenty of comradory among the forum!
Beautiful dog and a pup it seems.

Hello @Cosley and welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

I had a peruse of your profile, it looks great and gorgeous photos of Oka :dog::heart:

Whereabouts will you be looking to house sit? :earth_americas::blush:

Thank you for the welcome! Not entirely sure how I’ll benefit from / contribute to the Community Forum. I’ll just have to surf around it first and see what is going on …what is being discussed. Presently, to boost my references and keep my finger on the pulse of THS I would like to sit in our nearby city of Calgary. It is just a two hour drive north. I see you are in England! England, Scotland, Ireland …is of great interest to me. My wife is less interested in travelling and I know would oblige if I headed off for a month. In the future too …if we are without pets (though that is not at all on the horizon yet!) the sky is the limit as to my (our) interests. I’d house sit too on Prince Edward Island - at the drop of a hat.

@Cosley ahh yes Prince Edward Island would be a great place for a house sit!
I wish you well in your house sitting journey and if you have any questions with regards to the Forum, please don’t hesitate to ask.