Hello from beautiful, artsy Mount Rainier, MD! (Washington, DC border)

@Elise Sitters vary greatly, as you can imagine, but some tend to steer away from sits once they go past the 0-3 count. Keeping that in mind, it’s just one more way of making sure a sitter isn’t dissuaded from applying, that’s all.

Angela is the key person who manages the social media promotion and is the go-to person for more information. I don’t know of anywhere on the site that would provide more details. The information I shared with you is what she has provided in the past for the forum.

Update: We have now boosted our listing and been promoted on social media and…crickets. Any advice? Our trip is 2 weeks away and we’re starting to sweat a little.

I know you said above that you don’t think a car is necessary–and I understand the reasons HOs are reluctant to let someone borrow a car. I would be wary.

Speaking as someone who lived in the DC for years, however, and has reasons to go (friends in McLean etc., office in Crystal City, and storage unit in Shirlington), I know how limiting not having a car in the DC area can be. Just had a look–it’s $500/week for car rental on top of jawdropping airfares of ~$1,000.

That start date might be limiting as well. People have plans. Are you able to get a neighbor to come by over the July 4th weekend and start the sit after the weekend?

Hi Katie, it’s good to have the reality check on the airfare/car rental cost right now. This being our first foray with THS is already a bit to adjust to, so adding in the use of our only car (and nicest/newest car we’ve ever owned!) is just not something we’re comfortable with at the moment.

Do you know if damage/liability of an owner’s car covered by THS insurance? There’s no check on someone’s driving record that I know of like there is with a background check also, so it just feels a bit much. I was also under the impression that most people who sit are from out of town and not local, so I presumed they have their own methods of transportation that work for them. I guess that is not fully representative though.

We would be open to someone coming after the 4th of course. I thought people could apply for certain dates though and no one has applied for alternate dates. I actually had thought it would be a draw to be in DC for the 4th! But you’re right, maybe people have plans already.

Hi @Elise. Katie’s comments are so on point, as costs and major holidays may be the stumbling block. I’ve looked at your listing again and can’t come up with too much to suggest. Although your current first photo is lovely, you may want to switch it out for a pet one, as sometimes that will draw someone in to look further.

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Regarding insurance, no–it’s not a THS issue. I spent 2017-early 2021 as a digital nomad, and had sold my car. When I sold the car, I converted the policy to renter/borrower. That translates to the 3rd party liability and related coverage. When I borrowed a HO’s car for 3+ months, I provided my insurance and license info to them. They sent it to their insurance agent. As for driving record, I recall that VA has a points system on drivers’ profiles. You gain points by not having demerits to your record like speeding tickets.

I agree. I was just looking at the listing as well and it’s great. But, perhaps a pic of your GORGEOUS kitties would draw in more attention @Elise :heart:

Also, have you considered the potential of making it open to families? I’m not sure how many bedrooms you have or if the kitties are comfortable with children, but many families will sort by and only look at those listed as family friendly meaning they may look right over yours. Being that you are so close to DC it could be a wonderful option for a small family who would be open to visiting the DC area for a summer vacay.

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Hi @Elise. Welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the community forum. I’m sorry you’re having trouble finding a suitable sitter. Your listing looks great.

You might want to search for sitters in your region and reach out to them. I’ve had pet owners do that to me, and, if I’m available, I always take a closer look at the listing to see if I can help.

You might also want to mention the special activities in the DC area for the holiday in your listing (eg,…capped off by magnificent fireworks over the Mall…) Those of us not from the area may not be aware of how much fun the 4th can be in DC.



@Katie - thanks for that feedback and the ideas. I guess this is assuming that sitters have a renter/borrower policy in place already which they may not but it is worth a shot to ask for sure.

@thejohnsfam - Thanks for the suggestions. We may switch out the pic since we’ve tried all the other tricks! In terms of making it open to families, we actually did have it open to families originally, but realized we only have 1 bedroom available for sitters so that may not work out. Also we have one cat with PTSD and we cannot guarantee she would be safe with kids (and it may not be best for the nervous kitty too).

@KarenE-Moderator - Thank you - we will try reaching out directly to local sitters, and good point about people not knowing what the 4th is like in DC if they are not local. We’ll add that in!

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Anyone with an auto policy for their own car would/should have the 3rd-party liability coverage. Varies by state what they have to have, I’m sure.