Hello from Beautiful Morgins in Switzerland

Hello - just back in the Trusted House Sitter space and have changed my location from Alsace in France to Morgins. Switzerland has opened up travel here with few restrictions so hoping that people will be interested to return and visit. We have had great experiences with house/pet sitters so are looking forward to welcoming people now to Morgins.


@JudithRogers welcome! I am new here and would love to visit Switzerland one day!

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I doubt if you will have any problems finding sitters! Switzerland is high on my list of places to visit because I love the mountains and hiking. Add a few black cats (my favorite!) and I’d never leave :smiley:

Welcome back to THS @JudithRogers. It’s good to see another person who lives in Switzerland on the forum! We’re down by the lake in nearby Montreux.

Poppy, Jack, Snowfi, and James look like a friendly bunch and they certainly do live in a beautiful spot. I’m sure that you’ll receive lots of applications. If we weren’t booked for a sit with overlapping dates, I would have already sent our application. I 'favorited" your listing so that I’ll receive alerts for future dates when you need someone to care for your cats and chalet.

Best wishes for your upcoming travels in May!

Thankyou for reaching out. Yes it is really pretty here and spring is a lovely time to visit. Montreux is lovely too but much busier! We have a tenant/family who live in the chalet full time but now that Jack needs medicine then we feel like it is better to have someone who can be a little more dedicated as Jack goes out and it is important to see him regularly. Hope to see you next time. Best wishes Judith

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Welcome to the forum. I have visited Switzerland a few times and I am always in awe. :heart_eyes:
So beautiful.
f. :scotland: