Hello from Berkeley, CA!

Hi everyone; I’m new to this forum, and looking for a house/petsitter in Berkeley from March 5-12. We have a delightful, though spirited border collie named Noodle, and we live in a charming neighborhood 5 minutes from the Berkeley Hills. If anyone is interested in coming to the Bay Area, this is a beautiful time of year to be here, with green hills and flowers blooming everywhere. Any tips as to how to best use this forum are much appreciated. Looking forward to meeting you!


Welcome Noodle, you are very handsome … Thank you for bringing your human family to our TrustedHousesitters community and to the forum, we are very helpful and please ask any questions you want to.

Adding your listing to your forum profile will help other members find it, the instructions are here How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

Members will have some great help and advice I’m sure, you can also find helpful articles on the website blog Blog | TrustedHousesitters.com if you want to know anything please just ask …

Welcome again and enjoy meeting members from around the world.

Tell Mum Hello!!

Angela and the Team

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Hello @marcia_Klotz and welcome. I’ve taken a look at your listing, and I’d just suggest one tweak. Your heading is your first promotional tool, so focus on what might make people click on your listing. I’ve taken a photo of the thumbnail view.

You’ll see that anything you have in your heading - dog, house, Berkeley - can already be figured out. Now do your sales pitch in your heading.

Two important features in your listing are that you will provide a car, and that a sitter can bring their own pet. This may attract many more sitters. I suggest you incorporate that into your heading.

Finally, I’ll add that as soon as I saw Noodle, it made me think of this bottle, although I’ve never tried the liquor. Noodle is precious.