Hello from Cairns, QL, Australia

Hi from Cairns Queensland Australia,
We"re new to this site but not to minding friends homes and pets. Easy going, travellers who enjoy meeting people and their best friends. We are very fortunate to reside in a friendly neighbourhood on the coast. We have a fur boy who loves walks, beach runs and gives us all plenty of enjoyment, all with affection, reciprocated. We have family near and far, across the deserts, oceans and forests and we are keen to visit their regions.
Hence us joining THS. Looking forward to our first house/pet sit and learning the way. Kim and crew


Hi @bibba56 and welcome to the Community Forum!

What a great profile full of your love of all creatures…human and fur! You have some beautiful pics of family and cute little furbabies.

We are excited to welcome you to the TrustedHousesitters family and are confident you will find both great sits and sitters, depending on what you need at the time. I did see you have not linked your profile to the forum account. If you follow How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile and link the accounts, members will have automatic access to your profile and connect with you easily to possibly get that first sit right away.

Good luck and welcome to the family!

Debbie and the Forum Team


Good morning Debbie,
Thank you for the welcoming and great feed back.
Shall link the two.
Already meeting Owners and Pets for future sits.
KIm :heart_eyes: heart_eyes:

Hi @bibba56, so glad you are linking your member profile to your forum profile. It’s going to mean lots more exposure! You will have to let us know how your meetings work out with all your future new friends!

Have a great day!

Debbie -

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Thanks Debbie,
Ive met an existing member and am house sitting on the 14th July for 3 nights, Im wrapped, Brian came with as well and it was a good first time meet.
Im going back again this week to touch base, with a follow up(collection of keys etc) just before members head off.
Ive linked my profile as suggested.
So fingers crossed , hope all is well with you and once again thank you for the great advice

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Nice to meet you Kim. We are new to the Forum, we have been Housesitting for years (in Canada, United States and Europe) and love THS.
We have been to Cairns, a long time ago (2007). Someday we’ll get back there.
Janet, Edmonton, Alberta Canada


Hi JanAlayne
Nice to meet you as well

Hi @bibba56, your profile link doesn’t go through to your actual profile. When I click on your link it takes me to my dashboard as you have used a general link that takes a person who clicks on your link through to their own dashboard.

Hi @bibba56 I’ve just updated your profile link for you as @Crookie advised, it wasn’t going specifically to your profile… I believe it is now though… just check it’s you :slight_smile:

Hello @JanAlayne. Welcome to the community forum, and thanks for jumping into the conversations. With all your pet sitting experience I’m sure you’ll be able to help new sitters like @bibba56 get started.

Thanks for joining us!

thank you
I thought it was all connected

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