Hello from Central Texas

Hi everyone. My name is Darla and I live in Belton Texas. I am a retired Hospice Nurse. My husband and I retired about 5 years ago and made our home here in Texas (from upstate NY). We have 3 fur babies. Jack, Princess and Shadow. We were introduced to the TrustedHouseSitters several years ago, and our first experience was truly amazing!! And now, we have 2 more sitters scheduled to visit us in August and October. We are thrilled to have this type of service available to us, which allows us to take some long overdue getaways. We know that our “babies” will be in great hands! Its great to become a member of this forum!


Hi Darla,
Nice to meet you and welcome :two_hearts:

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Hi Julia. Nice to meet you as well. I have enjoyed reading all the entries on this forum. Very informative! Are you a sitter or HO?


Darla I’m a sitter.

We like to travel as and when our situation allows. It’s a great way of helping people which is really gratifying and in our instance touring Europe. Our little dogs (now dog :disappointed_relieved:) travel with us. So we only apply for or accept sits that are appropriate.
As I type I have two sits pending. The first in 16 days for two weeks in France and the next in two months for two weeks in the Bavarian Alps. The first coincides with a sit in Switzerland that I was offered two days ago and had to decline. It’s so good to see that things are opening up again and people are happy to start moving around again.
I can’t scroll back to see your original post so I shall ask the same question. Are you a sitter or home owner?
Editing… I see that you can be both. Will you travel with your dog’s?

Sounds like you have some exciting travel ahead. No, I am just a HO. With our 3 pets, we are not able to travel for extended periods. We take short trips with them, like camping etc. I just feel so lucky to have Trusted House Sitters available to us so that we can travel for vacations.

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I wish I had known about Trusted House Sitters when our dogs were young and carefree enough to leave. We rescued them and could never bear to leave them in a kennel… However good it was.
All those years we could have gone!

Hi Darla and nice to meet you :smiley:

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Hi @DAV1 welcome to out community forum, thank you for joining us from the State of Texas … how is life there compared to upstate NY, we spent 3 months on a sit in Schenectady, the first and only time we have ever seen the magic of fireflies, impossible to take a photograph though.

We are so glad you have found us for your beloved Jack, Princess & Shadow and look forward to sharing in your travels and so happy to have you here in the forum.

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with members from around the world.

Angela & the Team

Thank You Angela! Difference from NY to Texas is like night and day. The winters in NY can be rough(although Texas had a major winter storm this year-you might have seen it on the news). But…the Fall season in NY(upstate) is fabulous. I do miss that. Texas is very hot and humid. The excessive heat in the summer months can be difficult to tolerate. Thank God for air conditioning!!
I am a huge advocate for Trusted HouseSitters, and have been telling my friends and family about this wonderful group of people.


Absolutely Julia! I am with you. I would never leave my fur babies in a boarding Kennel. Trusted HouseSitters is the best resource ever. It has just become an option for us to travel after retirement. Never had much of a chance when we were working. Now we have 2 vacations coming up. One in August, and one in October. We are so excited!!

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Hi there. Nice to meet you as well!!

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