Hello From California & TX

Hi everyone,

I just joined TrustedHousitters because I love pets and love to travel. I work remote and spend my time between California and Texas. I’ve informally watched my friend’s dogs in both California and TX. I wanted to know how long of a lead time people are finding sits and how they feel about the first sit in a person’s house they do not know.
Any recommendations will help calm my nerves. Thanks in advance

Where do you live when in Texas? I sometimes need a cat sitter in Dallas.

Hi @Nita a very warm welcome to our community forum and to Trustedhousesitters!

You will find a lots of helpful information, tips and guidance in this conversation and there are lots of successes too! and as the title says we are not suggesting that nobody will want you.

There is also great help and advice on the website blog

At the moment with the holidays almost upon us there are many Christmas sits, there was a new sitter last week who joined and confirmed his first sit in 4 days

Starting locally if you can is the advice we give to new members, be flexible and only apply for sits that match your ability, communication is key and as you’ve cared for friends dogs perhaps you can get their owners to give you a reference to add to your profile, through surveys we know that new members who add 3 or more references to their profiles have more success starting out.

A pet and housesitting lifestyle is such a great fit for anyone working remotely. I have lived this way since THS started, being with pets while working can help bring a work life balance to the day after all you new best furry friends needs your love and attention before the laptop does and walking together, which you love to do from your profile, is a great way to start the day and working away with either a dog at your feet or cat across the keyboard is calming … pets stay happy and cared for at home you get the best companionship in your own home away from home. :slightly_smiling_face:

Enjoy the conversations, connecting with other members, ask any questions you may have and good luck getting started.

Angela & the Team

I am between Dallas(my daughters house) and Galveston( my house). Currently I am in Glenn Heights TX, which is south of 20. I work from home so I am open to anywhere in Texas as long as there is a wifi signal I am good to go. I only ask for 1 week’s notice and I can be available. Since we are all adults, we generally spend Thanksgiving together and we are on our own for Christmas.

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