Hello from Dawlish, UK

Hi from Ric and Jo from Dawlish in beautiful Devon.
We have been houseitters for several years and have sat for some amazing animals in interesting places.
We have had many years experience of large hounds (Wolfhounds/Salukis/Borzois/Lurchers) as well as whippets and dachshunds… but now we are dog-less ourselves - we are enjoying looking after different breeds to see what dog we may have in the future! If we ever get to choose - usually they just turn up…
We love cats as well and have some experience with chickens, sheep, guinea pigs…!
Housesitting suits us as we love to explore an area thoroughly - finding all the footpaths and scenic places - so we are really happy when there are dogs who require lot of exercise!
We had taken a break from ‘sitting’ as we were supposed to be cycling back from New Zealand (we should of been arriving in Japan about now!) but covid has interrupted that dream - so we are keen to see more of our own gorgeous country while foreign travel is off…
We are professional gardeners by trade - and have worked across Europe - so we are always happy to give advice on garden design/layout etc on our sits!
We love meeting people and animals - kindness makes the world go round…!


Welcome Dawlish :wave:

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A big THS welcome to you Ric & Jo thank you for joining our community forum and for the years that you have been a part of our amazing community, Devon is beautiful with lots to see and do as well, exploring with new furry best friends is the perfect way, slow travel pawfected … pardon the pun.

We can’t wait to get to know you better and share in your THS story. Enjoy the conversations and connecting with other like minded pet and travel lovers.

Angela and the Team

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Welcome Ric and Jo! Glad you’re here! :grinning:

Isn’t is so neat to house sit for a different breeds and learn about their personalities? Learning first hand about different dog breeds is a fun and unique experience. We’ve had our favorites over the years, but all of the quirks amongst breeds are so fun. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hello Dawlish from Rachel in France. Love Dawlish have lived 17 years in Somerset and beautiful part of the world. We then moved to Cotswolds before moving to France I have two Daschunds and use Petsitters for my house in France when i go away on holiday (before COVID) and to visit UK. I have just joined to be a house sitter also


Hi Rachel, well there are some beautiful bits of France too - it is such a huge country… We have cycled across it from south to north and really enjoyed that. Far easier was driving our camper van down to the Alpes Maritime though! (we used to work there every winter - including occasionally looking after their Dachsies!!)
I hope we are all able to travel about again soon… fingers crossed! jo
pic of our Dawlish black swans attached!



@Rachel Where do you live in Dordogne ?

Beautiful place

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The medieval town of Sarlat Normally packed with tourists from Easter to October