Hello from Florida, USA - We're New to Housesitting


I am Althea (Hadie), my husband Shaun and I are new to housesitting. We have two children living with us at home 19 & 16, a 5 y/o German Shepherd (Darling), a pet fish (Oscar). We live on the outskirts of Tampa Florida in the United states, about 30 minutes from the city. We love staycations, road trips, the zoo and time with family.

We are excited to join the community and can’t wait to learn lots from you all.


Hi @Veronlee,

Glad you found your way to the forum and welcome to the wonderful world of house and pet sitting!

Have you joined as home and pet owners or as sitters too? You live in a very desirable location by the beautiful Tampa bay. Tampa also has many cultural offerings and is near a variety of other lovely beach communities.

Have you created your listing yet? If so, you can add it to your forum profile by following these instructions: How to Add Your Listing or Profile to Your Forum Profile and forum members will give you suggestions to help you make it the best it can be.

Feel free to ask anything here. It’s a learning process and you will find, a fabulous way to have quality in-home care for Darling and Oscar and meet wonderful people along the way.

Many things have been discussed, so if you do a search by clicking on the little magnifying glass in the upper right and entering your search terms or a question, you will be able to read related topics.



Thanks for the welcome @mars. I will check it out.


Hi @Veronlee. Welcome to TrustedHousesitters and our community of animal- and travel-lovers. I’m glad you found us and introduced yourself. As @mars said, Tampa is a great area - you shouldn’t have any problems finding sitters. And I’m sure you’ll love sitting for other people’s pets while you’re away from home.

Welcome, and enjoy the conversations and relationships you’ll build here in the forum.


Thanks Karen.

Thank you Karen. I appreciate the welcome!