Hello from Florida with Horses

This is Audrey (now in Ocala) I have been with Trusted HouseSitters for a few years and had some great experiences with sitters. We always had multiple applicants but now that we have horses we do not seem to have any interest. Was wondering is it more difficult to find sitters with horses? I did mention that the sitter(s) should have horse experience as in use to being around horses.
I am thinking at this point to hire someone to come out twice a day to feed the horses and use TH for our 3 dogs and chickens.
Any suggestions?

Hi @Audrey8 and welcome to the community forum. You have such a cute family of furbabies I really don’t think you will have an issue finding someone to care for them…even the horses! If you are not needing until Fall, please just be patient as I am sure you will get applicants. One suggestion I would make though is to add the horses to your profile heading as this is what you are most concerned about finding. Something like " Two beautiful horses, two chickens and three dogs near Equestrian Center in Ocala, FL". This way, sitters see that right away and I do know there are quite a few sitters who love taking care of those majestic giants!

I also noticed you do not have your member profile linked to your forum profile. By doing so, when you post here, sitters can click right onto your profile to read and apply for sits. Please do so via

Good luck, and if you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out.

Have a great day!

Debbie - Forum Team Moderator

Hi @Audrey8 as @Debbie-Moderator has already said, Welcome to our community forum and thank you for being a member of our TrustedHousesitters community for a number of years …I’m going to add to the help that Debbie has given by sharing a link from another member who was concerned about finding equine experienced sitters … it’s a great thread and I’m sure you will pick up some advice and horse pointers.


Hi there.
This is something we would be very interested in. We love horses and have looked after many both privately and on THS.
Please keep us in mind for future sits as we love cruising too and leave from Fort Lauderdale each time…We actually got married on Allure of the Seas ex Fort Lauderdale. 11/11/12…
Each year we alternate between Europe and the US.
Check our profile for our pet sitting pics of horses…

Thank you Debbie for the suggestion. I will definitely update the title and add the website on the community forum.

Thank you for your interest and letting us know that you have prior sits with horses. We will definitely keep you in mind for any future sits.

We did not have any experience with horses but had been looking for an opportunity. One sit was worded in a way that led us to believe that inexperienced might be acceptable. We applied explaining our interest but being very clear about our lack of experience and have now done the sit for 3 horses (and 5 dogs) twice. Lots of work but plenty of reward as well.

The HO had a trainer come 2x/week while we were there, which ensured that someone with experience had eyes on the animals. We were also able to learn from the trainer so we handled all the grooming duties leaving the trainer more time to work with the horses. We had plenty of time at the handover to go through the chores and to see how the HOs handled the horses and how the horses reacted to them. And we had contacts who were close by should we have any questions or concerns.

I know there are experienced horse folks out there, but if you can’t find one then perhaps considering how you might help a less experienced person take on the sit would broaden the sitter pool for you.


HI @lifephasenext! What a terrific happy ending for all involved. This is one of the many things that makes TrustedHousesitters stand out in the industry…sitters willing to take on the unknown and owners trusting because of the great members here who are so willing to learn!

When I was young (12) my Dad was trying to find a farm to buy so I could have a horse, but unfortunately he passed away before he could find the right one. I never got that horse but to this day, I still yearn for that opportunity and I melt when I see them standing in a field. When was about 25 I lived in a condo that had a farm next door. I would walk over with my toddler and we would feed them carrots and apples and the owners loved it that they were getting the extra attention. When I am by myself I do have a tendency to stop and give a little love if they are close enough to the fence.

Have a great weekend!