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I have had my listing up for about a month, and I have not gotten one single applicant. Last time I posted a listing I had over 10 applicants within about a week. I’m beginning to worry. Any advice from anyone?

@Equid your home and pets look really lovely and your review is excellent.
As your dates are somewhat flexible, I would make the first words of your listing (and maybe your header too) FLEXIBLE DATES FOR 3-4 WEEKS. And then start your description. This might entice sitters who can’t do your exact dates.

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Thank you! Changing it right now.

Unfortunately, I can’t change my listing title to include flexible dates, too many characters, but can change the listing. Any other advice?


You can change the wording of your headline. A lot of the current words are redundant
“Provide love and care for six dogs and five horses on a high desert ranch.” We all want sitters to “provide love and care” and sitters can see the type and number of animals right under the headline. The first words need to be something the sitters can’t see from a thumbnail. You could change it to “Flex dates, car incl, high desert ranch…”

Can you make the sit family-friendly? That will spread the work and attract more sitters.


Thank you Lassie, just changed it! Unfortunately I don’t feel the ranch is safe for children unless they are from a similar background.

Thanks again!

Oh, I was just looking at your listing this morning and dreaming (unfortunately, the dates don’t work). When I saw it, I did wonder how much horse experience you require? Is everyone healthy (I saw that the ages are a bit higher)? How difficult is it to separate the two horses that need to eat in another area?
On a positive note, that first pic is absolutely stunning (it’s what made me click on the listing) and I love that you mentioned loading up a few dogs to go explore the neighboring town. That sounds like they are fun and well socialized. That’s a huge plus! Maybe mention if they are always on leash or how their recall is, if not?
All in all, your listing looks amazing. You still have a lot of time, and I’m sure you’ll find the right sitter.

Hi Harris,

Thank you so much for the encouragement. Actually, a whole lot of horse experience is not necessary, as long as the person is comfortable, putting a halter on a horse and leading it from one place to another. It’s really easy to separate the two horses because they know they’re eating and they want to come with you and the other horses know they are going to get some thing in their field so they want to stay where they are. There’s also a lot of grass so nobody’s anxious at all.

As far as the dogs are concerned, there are only two dogs that like to go places. Nanuk and Foxy, and they are both very well socialized, and extremely easy to handle on a leash. What, with rattlesnakes and other things we don’t take them out off leash, except in the winter, and then they’re pretty easy to get back. If you take them to a restaurant or a bar or café or anywhere else, they just lay under your table and are very happy.

I hope you will reply to my listing next time it’s up. If the dates work for you, it sounds like you would have a lot of fun here!

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Your listing looks great. Maybe people aren’t applying due to not having experience with horses. I would love to do a horse sit one day but nervous with not having the experience

I favorited your listing. We don’t have availability until next spring, but I will definitely keep an eye out for any new dates you have!

I would also search for sitters in New Mexico. There are quite a lot of local sitters….maybe even someone from Durango or possibly Flagstaff would want to take a trip out for your sit. Definitely work on creating a friendly thought out template that would help entice sitters to your home/area. Los Cerillos/Santa Fe is so beautiful and oh how I miss those starry night skies! Make sure to check their availability calendar before sending the message. There’s always a chance of getting a sitter by using this method! So it’s worth a shot! I hope you can find someone soon your home is beautiful and your pets look so sweet.

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Hi Kelly,
I really appreciate all the advice! And it really is beautiful out here. It sounds like you’ve spent some time in the area.
Thanks again

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I’m so glad you favorited my listing! Keep in mind my dates are always flexible so when I post next time if the dates aren’t perfect mention that when you apply.

The best way to get horse experience is to volunteer somewhere with horses. There are so many therapeutic riding centers and horse rescues that need volunteers. If you look in your area, I’m sure you can find some and they will train you to do what is needed. Horses are amazing animals. I bet you would love it.


We’re a nomadic family at the moment but if we settle one day, we will definitely look into that. My daughter loves horses and wanted some experience with them

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I’m from Santa Fe so I’ve spent the better part of my life in the area.

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