Hello from Kentucky!

Hello there! My name is Jess. While I am new to the idea of being a digital nomad and being able to house-sit or pet-sit anywhere in the world, I am not new to taking care of either. I have had fish, bird, dogs, cats, small animals, and most recently the cutest bunny you’ve ever seen.

I have worked in digital marketing and executive assisting for more that five years and have loved it. If the dreaded “C” word taught is anything, it’s that those two professions can be done anywhere as long as you have a computer and internet. So, after working between 75-80 hours for as long as I can remember, I have decided to finally find out what a work/life balance actually is.


Hi @thatgirljess28

A warm welcome to the forum community and the wonderful world of pet sitting.

I am sure you will find many like-minded members here, and you can share your experiences as you go along. Our friendly members will also be able to offer you lots of good advice.

The dreaded ‘C’ word certainly did bring on the openness of most businesses to allow remote work, which is wonderful in itself.

Please do add your profile link is here >> https://forum.trustedhousesitters.com/t/how-to-add-a-listing-or-profile-link-to-your-forum-profile

Once you add this other members will be able to “meet” you properly and will see what owners see when you apply for sits.

Please keep us posted.
Best Wishes
Therese and the forum team

Hi @thatgirljess28. Welcome to our fun community! I’m glad you joined us and jumped in to introduce yourself.

Congrats on making the switch to a better work/life balance. It’s so easy to find yourself on the treadmill of work, work, work. The most difficult part of getting off that treadmill, at least for me, was making the decision to do so. Once I did that, all the pieces just fell into place to help me make the switch. I hope that’s how it works for you, too.

I lived in Cincinnati for over 20 years, not far from where you are given that TrustedHousesitters and the forum have members all around the world. What part of Kentucky are you from?

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Hello @thatgirljess28 and welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

As @Therese-Moderator mentioned, you can add your THS profile on to your profile on here by following the attached link, should you wish to.


Whereabouts will you be hoping to sit? :earth_americas::blush:

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I am also new to the team, where should I start introducing myself? :rofl:

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Hi @goodsleepnovilla
A warm welcome to the forum. I am sure you will gain some amazing insights within this giving and experienced community.

If you go to the category ‘Introduce yourself’, let us know a bit about yourself there. If you are a sitter or a pet parent/owner looking to find a sitter do also add your profile or listing to your forum profile… Feel free to ask any advice or other questions you may have as well.


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