Hello from Lancashire, UK

Hi my name is Lizzie and I discovered THS this morning whilst trying not to panic about who will look after my boy (Freddie the golden retriever) whilst I’m away for 3 weeks :grimacing:
I thought it was all arranged then my dogsitter pulled out and my two separate back up plans failed, cue very quick decision to join THS.
I’ve got nine weeks to find the right person or people for Fred and I’m unsure if my profile is written very well…I think it looks more like I’m trying to sell my house than get Fred looked after!!
Looking forward to top tips for finding a sitter, is it best to be pro active and contact people or do they make the first move?
Thanks x

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Hi @LizzieS and welcome to the community forum and to TrustedHousesitters. My suggestion is to first start by embedding your listing in your forum username/profile. That way experienced members can give you feedback on your listing content. Hopefully no one offers to buy your home, unless you want that too, of course. :wink:

Your best chance of success is a well-written listing with clear photos of Fred and your home. For home photos, the main focus should be on the areas the sitter will be using - living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

You can consider inviting sitters, in which case first try relatively local ones who have less experience. They are more likely to make themselves available for you. However, aiming to get applications is your better chance of finding the right fit.

Once you add your listing, I’ll be happy to give you some feedback.

Volunteer moderator :canada:


Thanks for that, I didn’t think I had the IT skills to get the link but with your encouragement I believe it might be there!!

All I need now is to find somewhere to put my daughters wedding dress then I can take photographs of the guest room!!!:man_with_veil:

Oh and some of Freddie too…


@LizzieS Good job with the link. :clap:

Yes, it is good to make sure that the bedroom photo is the one where the sitters would stay. Also include a photo of the bathroom, including whether it is a shower or tub as many sitters have preferences.

For Freddie’s walks, I would add an average time for each walk. Then sitters can assess whether they are a good fit to be able to keep Freddie in his usual lifestyle.

There’s been a recent post on the forum about where pets sleep. It’s a good idea to explain where Freddie would usually sleep, as sitters have preferences as to whether they’re willing to share bed space.


Welcome to the site and forum Lizzie. I’m sure you will find someone wonderful. Your listing is good so far. Freddie is gorgeous, and you have an advantage because… who doesn’t love a Golden Retriever?!

Good luck!



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Gosh, yes that’s all really important, I will get those photos done ASAP (although hubby is currently in the bath tub so not just yet🙈)

I did wonder about mentioning his sleeping place but was worried that people would think I was mean because he’s not allowed upstairs. On reflection that’s silly of me, everyone is different (my brother has a 55kg labrador on his bed), I just had to have very clear guidance from day one for Freddie because hubby is a farmer and back then he thought a dogs place was outdoors :pleading_face: I knew I wanted Freddie in the house so his boundaries were very important. Even though we’ve now moved house Freddie has never tried to go upstairs, he just sleeps at the bottom of the staircase :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@LizzieS You might want to read this post: Where should the dogs sleep? It seems as though the majority who posted get better rest when they don’t share a bed with a dog so all is good.


Hello @LizzieS. Welcome to TrustedHousesitters. I’m glad you found us.

I took a look at your listing, and Freddie and your property look great. As @Snowbird mentioned, a few more interior pictures would really help sitters see themselves living comfortably in your home.

I do have a few questions you might want to consider answering some way in your listing if they’re selling points:

  • What’s a “small aga”? Our members come from all over the world, so some, like myself, might not recognize that term.

  • How often does the bus come by? If it’s something like periodically throughout the day you might mention that. If it’s hourly or on a very regular timing that would be even better to mention. You might be surprised at how many of our sitters successfully get around the UK countryside without a car

  • Is the wifi at your home really “basic”, or is it merely not the super-souped up version one gets with fiber optic cables, etc.? If it’s adequate for streaming movies and surfing the web, you might consider changing your wifi label.

  • Do you have cable or any streaming services the sitter will be able to curl up in front of after a day of exploring with Freddie?

You mentioned feeling like you’re selling your home but not Freddie so much. Here are some things you might want to consider as ways to paint him as the lovable creature he is.

  • How is he with new people and other dogs?

  • How is he on walks? Does he amble at your side? Does he pull, run after squirrels, love running free in the fields? You might want to include a sentence about how enjoyable it is to walk with him (if it is.)

  • At home in the evenings, does he love nothing better than to settle in at your feet while you end the day with a good book? Does he like to cuddle on the couch watching tv with you?

  • Other words that typically describe goldens include “sweet”, “gentle”, “cheerful, tail-wagging nature”, “peaceful with other animals”, “eager to please”

  • Doe he chew on (furniture, shoes, socks, etc), or is he past that phase?

  • Has he had any (formal or at-home) obedience training?

Those are just some thoughts I’m hoping will help you secure the perfect sitter.


Good suggestions here snowbird ……exactly what I look for in a sit. I would also add that it is good to schedule some sort of video call with any prospective sitters. That way you can assess them ( and vice versa ) . We also say to the owner in each circumstance that we are never offended if and when we are not selected as there are many factors that the owner must consider and essentially you can only go on your best bet and your feelings. We’ve been rejected many times (although never after a video call), and you’ve got to accept this. In more than half a dozen sits in Australia, Canada, Germany and the UK we have never had an unhappy experience and have ended up in locations we never would have visited without the THS. Maybe lucky but we’ve also done heaps of research each time.


Thank you everyone, so much helpful advice and I’m VERY excited to say I’ve got an application and guess what? It’s from a couple who I had found myself and was wondering about sending an “invite” to.
I am so happy I joined THS and I am extremely grateful for all your guidance.
I have made notes of all the good suggestions so I can improve the information on our profile for the future.
Thank yoooooooo​:hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:


@LizzieS Congratulations, and thank you for considering the suggestions made from helpful forum members. Also thank you for taking the time to let us know of your current success.

Please keep in mind to continue your conversation with your current applicant as soon as possible. Many sitters will submit applications on sits with overlapping dates as they realize they may not be selected for some. Owners who don’t move promptly (although not your case, it seems) are often disappointed to learn that their first-choice sitter is no longer available.


Thanks @Snowbird I think because I have been reading on the forum it made me quicker to respond…the hardest thing was containing my excitement and not appearing like too much of a crazy lady!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl:
Can I just ask, I’m finding the forum really helpful but I’m worried that I’m making lots of work for someone who has to approve all my ramblings…is there an etiquette about not posting too much and wearing out the moderators???:flushed:


@LizzieS post away & you won’t wear out the moderators. They have never-ending enthusiasm for anyone who adds value to this community. :star_struck:

If you click the Members tab you’ll see how active many of us are here, both members & moderators. As long as you are respectful and courteous, your comments will always be welcome.

Pre-approval of posts only happens for new forum members. It’s a requirement of Discourse, which is the forum platform; it’s not a TrustedHousesitters requirement. You’ll soon find that your posts will immediately show, without being moderated.

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Hi @LizzieS a hugely warm welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters …

I could not have said it better myself thank you @Snowbird:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Lizzie we never get tired of our community, getting to know everyone better through the forum has enriched our lives and shown us just what community means so "ramble"away, positivity and enthusiasm goes perfectly with our morning tea.

Congratulations on your sitter’s application … they are in for wonderful sit with Freddie for company do keep us updated and we are going to love sharing in your new TrustedHousesitters adventure .

We couldn’t resist sharing the adorable and very handsome Freddie.


Hi Lizzie, and welcome!
I had a wee snoop and managed to find your listing, it sounds like a wonderful sit and Freddie is such a handsome boy! I am also in the UK, just under 3 hours north of where you are. If I was closer, I’d definitely be tempted to apply but sounds like you have some great sitters lined up!
I hope your first THS experience is a great one!
Safe travels x


@Karen-Moderator you can find ‘aga’ often talked about on the forum. Those who do sits in the UK who have never seen them before seem to be at first intimidated by them, and then later in love with them. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @Snowbird. I’m looking forward to using an aga someday in the not too distant future on a UK sit!

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Dear @Angela-HeadOfCommunity aww thats my boy​:two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:thanks for sharing him!
I’m having a wonderful time reading about everything from teatowels to toilet brushes and lots in between.
Our prospective sitters are close enough to come over and meet Freddie (and us) which is ideal and easier than trying to zoom the whole house.
I’m still adding to my listing because I think that can use it again in the future (haven’t forgotten about the bathroom and bedroom but I’m working this weekend).
I’m using the THS app on my phone but when I view my own listing as though I was a sitter a lot of the photos don’t show. Is there anything I can do about that?

Thanks xx

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Hi @LizzieS I will get @Therese-Moderator from our team to look into it for you when she is back online.

We love your positive enthusiasm, it’s infectious :blush: my next question is where are you going on your first trip while Freddie gets to stay Hapoy At Home and enjoy his Golden Staycation?:dog:

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