Hello from Los Angeles

Hi there! My name is Alexis and my husband and I have been using Trusted Housesitters for a few years now both as sitters and pet owners!

On the pet owners side, we have one super shy kitty with a medical condition, so finding the right sitter has always been a bit of a challenge to find someone we really trust. We’ve had a couple of great people, though!

We love using the platform as a sitter - in 2018, we decided to travel throughout Europe, and used Trusted Housesitters a lot to find places to stay. It was such a great way to travel!

Hoping with COVID settles down a bit, we can do more sitting!


Welcome Alexis, hubby & kitty, so glad that you have joined our community forum and thank you for being part of our amazing community for all this time and for sharing you lovely introduction into your family and your TrustedHousesitters story so far.

We are all looking forward to having many more pet sitting travel experiences and connecting with like minded, pet loving travellers.

Enjoy the conversations and welcome again from the City of Angels.

Angela and the Team