Hello from Northern California

Hi! New pet-sitting member here from Northern California. I’m excited to be part of this global pet-loving, travel-loving community.

I split my time between San Francisco and a place in the country where our menagerie includes a dog, cats, chickens, ducks, goats and donkeys. Call me crazy but when I travel I like to hang out with other people’s pets!

I don’t have questions yet but I look forward to participating in this forum.

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Hi @LovingLife and welcome to THS and the forum.
Your place sounds wonderful. I’d love to housesit for you but the earliest would be 2024! This really is a wonderful way to get away to pastures new with animal companions, I’d love the opportunity of looking after donkeys one day!


Hi @LovingLife - welcome to the forum. You are not allowed to add a link to your listing directly here but you can embed your THS profile link into your forum profile - Here is a guide on how to do that.

Thanks @Smiley ! Yes I love our donkeys, they add a lot of joy to our lives!

Got it, thanks!!