Hello from Oak Park, IL

Hello TH community!

We (Jeff & Mary) are new to this group and are looking forward to utilizing both sides of sitting and finding sitters for our two pets as we have trips planned we would love to find the right fit for everyone. That being said, if you know of anyone who would like to spend the winter holidays in the Chicago area, please check our posting. Our dog is a very active 4 year old who loves to run, play catch and take long walks. You don’t have to be home to pet sit, feel free to explore the city and enjoy your time we just ask that you spend some time with them in the mornings and evenings giving them their food, taking Ace on walks and playing with him so he gets some of his energy expended. He and the cat are extremely friendly, cuddly and fun to be with.

Our trip is in the UK where we will spend time in Newcastle, Edinburgh and London so if you have any interest in leaving town then, please keep us in mind and reach out!

I look forward to experiencing this group first hand!


Hey!! Welcome! I went to Rosary before it changed names, (#i’m_old LOL) and used to walk past the FLW house a few times each week, on my way between the bus stop and the elementary school where I taught French. Gosh I miss that area… but I’m not able to commit to a sit over the holidays right now.

Anyone reading, Oak Park is a LOVELY area. 20 min ride on the L to get downtown, great restaurants, very cute area with a nice vibe.

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Nice to meet you virtually Miss Chef and yes I’m familiar with the university name - it’s either Dominican or Concordia now (not sure which campus). Where are you living now?

Thanks for the validation of OP - weve been here 30 years, raised our three children and have loved the community. It’s honestly only gotten better over the years (vibe wise/restaurants and shops). Only issue now is they are building a lot of high rise condos which is making it a little more congested but all still very livable and enjoyable.

YES - Dominican! which confuses people like i went to college in the Dominican republic. so I don’t even bother saying it anymore, I just talk about “my first degree in French, then I went to culinary school.” I will say I had lots of musician friends at Concordia. good folks there!!

anyway, now I’m in Southern Middle TN … your condos can’t possibly be worse than the condos in Nashville. two practically vertical homes on one standard lot. it’s despicable.

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Hi neighbors!
I raised my girls in OP, and loved the community, easy walking town center and the tree lined streets. We called Dole library our second home. We moved to Forest Park a few years ago and had our First experience with the Trusted house sitters, when a lovely couple from Minnesota came and stayed with our crew for a week.
Being semi-retired, I’m so looking forward to the amazing opportunities on THS. I’m heading up to a small town in Wisconsin next week to take care of two of my absolutely favorite breeds of dogs.
Best wishes on your THS adventures!