Hello from Peterborough, Ontario

Hello all.
I only had a chance to do 1 house sit just before Covid hit, then my second was this past May for the same lady…LOL. But now that I’m living on my own, I’ve started using the “owner” feature to bring in sitters for my cats. My first sit as an owner went very well. A lovely couple who stayed at my place for a week.
Now I would like to take more advantage of bringing sitters into my home and do more travelling. I’m just wondering if there’s anyone out there who’s actually done a house/pet sit outside of their country by themselves. I’ve travelled many times but never done a house sit outside of Canada and I would love to try going to Europe and sit there. I’m just a little apprehensive to go such a distance to stay in someone’s home when I would have absolutely no idea where I am.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


:wave:t4: me!
Always travel alone and done lots of sits in places I only read about in books as a child.
It is amazing. There are lots of single travelers, LOTS.
It’s normal to be apprehensive the first time you try something new, could be anything.
But we adjust and then at some point you laugh and wonder what you were ever worried about. In fact you may not even ever remember being nervous.
Look for groups, like this one but in other forums, Facebook and such for single female travelers. You will find so many wonderful women from so many different parts of the world full of stories and advice, some will even invite you over.
The world is a wonderful place full of people that are full of warmth and kindness, just no one ever talks about them in the news. They are out there, even here.


Thanks for the advice and words of encouragement. I will definitely be pursuing something in the near future


Hi @LuNess and welcome. I initially started sitting as a couple, but then was faced with whether I would stop sitting or start going solo. At first I was intimidated at the thought, but with some encouragement from friends and past owners from sits, I ventured out.

I find it ironic that if I compare myself to many sitters on the forum, I gauge myself as at times overly cautious (in all aspects, not just safety). However, my friends see me as really adventurous. Everything is relative. My focus is to find my comfort level in whatever I’m considering, and at times stretch myself a little beyond that comfort level.

If you only speak English, I would suggest the way to break yourself in gently is to choose locations where English is more likely to be heard at times. Not necessarily a dedicated ex-pat community, but one where you can more easily get by without the local language. No doubt some will disagree with me and say to just immerse yourself, or rely on translation apps, but that’s where we all have to find what works for us. I’m focusing on the fact you are wary at this point.

I am comfortable flying solo almost anywhere, however that may be one of your concerns. If so, there are certain airports that some might suggest to avoid, given their size or volume of passengers. That’s something to look into, when you are applying for a sit or figuring out your route. Forum members will be happy to share their suggestions. Also ask the homeowner for suggestions as to how best to get from the transit spot to their home. Oftentimes a homeowner will offer to pick you up, or will recommend a good commercial shuttle. Don’t hesitate to ask your questions, either of the homeowner or forum members.


Hold your nose and …… jump!

You’ll never know until you take that step. We are UK citizens on a 2 year trip round US, Canada and Mexico. We are now into our 3 month and can’t believe the kindness and hospitality we have met. I am so glad we decided to do this road trip.

Loving every minute.


It is most certainly a trip and I don’t mean just the travel bit. There is something magical that happens, a transformation to use an overused word but we change and we see things differently in a very good and healthy way.
Have fun!


Hello @LuNess. Welcome to the community forum. We’re glad you found us.

One way to start solo pet sitting internationally is to decide what type of sit(s) would feel most comfortable or easiest for you. The idea is, as much as possible, to minimize the stress you might feel during the days leading up to the sit. Would you feel better in a city? a village? a beachy resort area? What type and how many pets would be optimal for your first international sit? Being within walking distance or having easy public transit access to grocery stores, etc., definitely makes things easier, too. Focusing on characteristics of the sit you’ll find most comfortable will go a long way to easing your mind as the sit dates draw near.

So dream a little, then use the filters on TrustedHousesitter’s main website to identify sits that fit what you’re looking for. After you’ve gotten those first few sits under your belt, you’ll find the worry has been replaced by joyful anticipation of your next solo international pet sit.

Happy travel sitting!