Hello from southern Italy

Hello from the tip of the heel in southern Italy.
A most beautiful and unspoilt place.


Hello Frances,
I love Italy but I don’t know this region, is it Puglia?

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Flora. My daughter is called Flora. Such a beautiful name. Yes, Puglia. I am British and have lived here full time for 8 years. Alone. Apart from my four dogs, three cats, six hens. :joy:


It is not a common first name, now a little more. When I was in school (there is a long time :grinning:)I was the only one who called me that.
I have had 2 dogs, they are dead since a long time, 5 cats at the same time (mother and 4 kitties who chose the house). Now, I just have Gandhi the cutest cat, but always wild.
You have a big pet family

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Ciao Frances,

Welcome to our TrustedHousesitters community forum and thank you for joining us from beautiful southern Italy, we look forward to getting to know you and your unspoilt corner of the world.

Angela & The Team

Hello Frances! Puglia is gorgeous. Are you near Ostuni, Lecce, or Alberobello? I led yoga retreats near Ostuni a couple of times, and I think it must be my favorite place in all of Italy. How wonderful that you have found a home there.

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Hello Haubigut,

I am much further south. Very close to the Finibus Terrae which is the end of earth. In fact about 50 minutes further south than the beautiful city of Lecce.