Hello from Sunny Queensland

Hello, we are Anne & Steve from Brisbane in Australia.
While new to THS, we have been minding Houses and Pets for a long time now and just love the Community Support displayed in this THS Forum. We are both semi-retired and are ready for an extended stay in the U.K. and Europe, while we visit friends and family. Can’t wait start on this next adventure.


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Welcome AnneSteve: One of our first sits with THS was in Australia and what a great experience! We did a two week house sit in Ballina in a gorgeous home with pool, five minute walk from the beach with two adorable little dogs. We knew absolutely nothing about Australia but I put together an itinerary which was the best holiday ever. We flew from Vancouver, Canada to Cairns - spent a week there and loved it! Two nights in Brisbane but unfortunately it rained for those nights. Spent two weeks at our house sit which was great and last four nights in Sydney. We would love to come back to Australia - best holiday/house sit ever! Best of luck on your house sitting adventures!


Hi @AnneSteve. Welcome to the forum. I’m glad you found us and have become part of our friendly community. Your up-coming adventure sounds lovely. When do you plan to take off?

My husband and I will be in Brisbane in August. If you’re in town, we’d love to meetup for a chat in person.

Again, welcome to our community.

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Hi @AnneSteve we are also from Brissie (Scarborough) and currently halfway through our grand UK adventure of sitting for 4.5 months (11 sits). We are due home at the end of April. Happy to catch up with you if you would like to hear about our experience, it’s been amazing.

Hi @Karen-Moderator we should be around when you are in Brisbane so would love to catch up. Please post a catch up note with dates on the forum and I can help with logistics.

Hi Jenny and David
Nice to hear from you…its certainly hot here at the moment, so keep enjoying that cool UK weather as long as you can!..we would love to catchup, but unfortunately we leave on our 'Grand Tour" Holiday 16APR23…we are doing a River Cruise first, Budapest to Amsterdam with Friends, then off to Portugal …then into the UK, we have tickets for the Chelsea Flower Show late May. We then hope to start our UK driving adventure. We have Friends and Family to visit, Stephen has a Sister in Weymouth, but hope to secure a couple of Pet Sits along the way. We are having a chat next week with a couple from Truro in Cornwall…so fingers crossed.
Hopefully we can catch up with you both and maybe Karen in August? We know Scarborough well , Stephens Mother lives there, a few streets back from the Beach, a lovely part of the world to come home to.
Keep enjoying your Pet Sits and safe travels Home to Oz!
Stephen and Annie

Hi there…nice to hear from you.
Sorry to hear it was raining during your Brisbane(Bris-vegas)stay.
Its certainly hot here currently, in the 30’s C…some rain would be nice!!!
You are certainly in a nice part of the World, we have visited Canada 5 times, mainly in the ski seasons, Vancouver then into Kelowna, then to the Ski fields, Big White and Silver Star…just beautiful!
Thank-you for your well wishes, we are certainly excited about joining the THS Family.
Cheers Stephen and Annie

Hi there
Thanks for the tip!
Cheers S and A

Hi Karen…lovely to hear from you!
Yes we would definitely love to catchup in August23
We head off on our Grand Tour in mid April and back early July.
We are doing a River Cruise first with friends Budapest to Amsterdam, then off to Portugal, then on to the UK, we have tickets for the Chelsea Flower Show late May. Then hiring a car and heading off on a drive around the UK, mainly the South Coast , Stephen has a Sister in Weymouth and we have Friends in Bristol, however hoping to secure a couple of Pet Sits along the way, we are actually having a chat with a THS couple from Truro, Cornwall next week, so fingers crossed.
Please let us know your Brisbane plans when able, we live in New Farm and have just downsized into a 3 Bed 2Bath Apartment, we have a wonderful view of the Story Bridge, so we are not far from the Howard Smith Wharves area(a collection of Restaurants and Bars, set in a large garden precinct right under the Bridge and along the River edge, has good public transport options, so maybe a good place to meet up?
Cheers Stephen and Annie

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Yes, absolutely @AnneSteve. We know New Farm well, we used to live across the river near Dockside when we worked in the CBD. Enjoy your trip and hopefully we can catch up in August with @Karen-Moderator

@Crookie, we’d love that! I’ll post a meetup invite in mid- to late-July (We’ll be there 3-9 Aug.) I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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Hello @AnneSteve and welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds like you have an amazing adventure planned! … Good luck with your application for the Truro sit, I love Cornwall… and please share some photos from your travels, we would love to see! :camera::blush:

Hello Sam and John😀
Thank-you for your kind Welcome…yes we are excited about our upcoming Trip…its been delayed so many times, mainly due to COVID…I see you live in a beautiful part of the UK…my Mother lived her early life just a little further north, around Strafford-on-Avon. Stephen and I both worked in the Aviation/Airport environs too. Stephen an Airport Manager with Thai International✈ and myself a Load Controller with Qantas✈ and later a Duty Airport Manager at Brisbane Airport. We will definitely post some photos,fingers crossed we make it to the Truro sit…after we hope to visit the Isles of Scilly (on our bucket list) Keep enjoying your travels too…Cheers S and A🙏

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Hi Anne and Steve

We’re also semi-retired from the travel industry and have lived in Brisbane area for the last 28 years after emigrating from London. We have been housesitting for the last two and a half years in Australia and overseas and love it.

Once the COVID restrictions lifted we headed off to the UK last May to see family and friends. We house sat in the UK, Cyprus, Germany, Spain, various States in the US and New Zealand before returning to Brisbane last December. An amazing adventure with awesome pets and lots of memories.

We’re heading off around the World again in April with our first house sitting stop in Bangkok. Just finalising some house sits in Europe and the UK so would be great to catch up with you for a chat and share stories before we leave Brisbane

and maybe in the UK somewhere.

All the best with your travel plans and long may THS and the like continue!!
Jackie and Tom


Hello there Jackie and Tom
Thankyou for your kind Welcome :hugs:
Wow…love your all pet travel photos…we are so looking forward to our possible experiences ahead.
We would love to catch-up sometime and share in your Pet Sitting adventures…we too are heading off in April…the 16th​:airplane::heart:
In the past 18 months we have downsized from a large Queenslander in Clayfield into a 3 Bed Apartment in Newfarm…which we have nearly finished renovating.
We are a 2 minute walk from Howard Smith Wharves…maybe a place where we could meet up?..however happy to come to somewhere more convenient for you.
When able, let us know a time to rendezvous…very kind🙏
Thankyou & Cheers Stephen and Annie :grinning:

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@AnneSteve You will love The Isles of Scilly… they are stunning! :slightly_smiling_face:

We certainly shall and enjoy your travels too :airplane::beach_umbrella::blush:

Hi again.
We are off up to the Sunshine Coast tomorrow for until about 15Mar when we expect to come back to spend some time in BNE before taking off to Bangkok.

Coincidentally, we have a small Queenslander in Clayfield too. More like a worker cottage to be honest, but we have it rented out so it makes a contribution to our adventures.

We’d love to meet you when we are back in BNE. chatting on WhatsApp might be easier than on here.

Feel free to ping us a message and we can try to set a date to say “Hi” in person.

*** Post moderated, removed personal phone number. Please private message any contact details.

Jackie and Tom
I’ve sent a private msg with my mobile ctc.
The Moderator removed yours in the forum environ due privacy…when able…drop me a line​:pray::hugs:Cheers Annie

Hi @AnneSteve and @TomandJacq. I know you’re trying to organize something sooner, but I will be in Brisbane in Aug 3-9 and will be organizing a meetup at that time. I’d love it if you could join us!

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