G’day from Brissie

Hi everyone,

We are Susan and John from Brisbane, Australia.

We joined THS in 2019 and initially got off to a great start with multiple pet sits in the UK……what an amazing opportunity :slightly_smiling_face:

Then Covid came along and things hit a bit of a snag. We experienced numerous last minute cancellations because of lockdowns and decided to take a break from pet sitting. Instead we drove about 35,000km in our camper van exploring our beautiful country.

This year we are putting in a concerted effort to increase our ratings and are doing lots of weekend sits in our local area in preparation for some overseas pet sitting next year.

It’s great to be part of the THS Community.


Welcome to you both. I didn’t realise Brisbane was known as Brissie.
I was in Brissie, about to do my first Oz housesit (after 8 in NZ) when the pandemic really hit, the sit was cancelled last minute & I decided it would be prudent to return to the UK. I didn’t see much of Brissie but hopefully will return next year
Good luck with more sits under your belt - shouldn’t be a problem, there are lots!


The locals also fondly call her BrisVegas :slight_smile:


Great to meet you, Susan and John (@PawsomePetsitters). Beaut to have more Aussies on the forum. Like you, the pandemic stopped me from sitting in the UK but allowed me to do wonderful sits in our beautiful country. I’m currently sitting in Hervey Bay and haven’t experienced so much rain ever in one day :laughing:! I’m returning to the UK in June to resume my sitting over there and can’t wait. Enjoy your local sits and the excitement of planning for 2023!

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Welcome, Susan and John. We are currently house sitting in Brisbane, and we are one month into a five month house sit in Hawthorne. Where are you located?


Welcome Susan and John! We did a house sit in Australia five years ago and loved it! We combined it with personal travel and spent time in Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney and the house sit was for two weeks in Ballina. We spent two nights in Brisbane prior to the house sit but it rained buckets while we were there so didn’t really get to see the city - would love to return! Happy travels!

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Hello from a fellow Brisvegas sitter! I am back on the road in the UK from early June and booked up until September when I head to Spain. Been on the road, house-sitting in Oz since covid first hit and stopped my plans for Europe so am really excited to be back on a big bird heading off. Yes, in Australia we tend to shorten many words all the time - Maccas for McDonalds, Salvos is Salvation Army, Brissie/Brisvegas for Brisbane, Arvo for afternoon, agro for aggressive, ambo for ambulance, barbie for barbeque - the list goes on and on :joy: Weird right! Anyway, good luck with your travels, keep smiling :grin:


I love the word ‘arvo’ but prefer our ‘Sally army’ for the Salvation Army

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Hi Susan @PawsomePetsitters we are also sitters from Brissie at Scarborough on the Redcliffe Peninsular. You have a similar story to us, retirement plans disrupted by COVID but unfortunately we didn’t make it to the UK. We have done some Aussie sits in the last couple of years and are heading to the UK in November for our grand sitting adventure for a few months. Hope you’re not getting too mouldy from all this late rain!

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Thankfully we were in Tassie at the beginning of the year so missed all the heavy rain and flooding, however this past week or so has been a real pain! Am definitely over all the rain we have been having.

I am so over the rain :slight_smile:

We loved pet sitting in the UK. We have two months in Canada lined up for early next year which I’m really looking forward to.

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Wow, am actually in Hawthorne tonight looking after 3 cats :slight_smile: We live in an apartment at South Bank.