Hello From Surprise, Arizona USA

I have a friend who is a longtime member and told me about TrustedHouseSitters. My wife and I love travel and pets. We won’t pussyfoot around in our responsibilities with your fur babies.

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Hello @Mr.C and a very warm welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

You are certainly in the right place with a love of travel and pets. Whereabouts will you be hoping to house sit? :earth_americas:

For reference as a member, and once your listing is completed you can also add your TrustedHousesitters profile on to your Forum profile by following the attached link, should you wish. This will then enable others to offer you helpful advice and feedback.

If you are unsure how to do this, or if you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to ask, we are all more than happy to help.

Also, remember you can use the spyglass symbol at the top of the page next to the TrustedHousesitters logo and search for any questions that you may have as they have most likely already been answered on here and of course if not then please just ask! :blush:

@Samox24 Thanks for all the great info…
It is certainly useful. In answer to your question, we will initially try for sits near us. For example, Sedona, Tucson or Southern California. With more experience we may try for Europe. We are retired and originally from NYC. We have been a part of our community cat coop for many years. We are comfortable caring for animals in neighbors’ homes. I am also trained to give animals shots and medication. I look forward to being a contributing member of Trustedhousesitters


Welcome. Sounds like you folks are well-qualified sitters. Given your age and experience, you might actually have quick luck in landing sits near and far. That’s especially if you’re willing to sit over the holidays, when there are a lot of sits available — they’ve already been showing up.

Why: Older sitters (and often couples) get more benefit of doubt from many homeowners. I say this as someone in her 50s who was able to quickly land sits across the country and abroad. I’ve been sitting only since March. I’ve done five cross-country sits, plus one in the U.K. And I’ve got more lined up, including two abroad.

Just put yourself in the place of someone who has to trust their beloved pets and home to a stranger. Write a robust profile and applications that address their concerns. Share nice photos.


@Mr.C you are very welcome and we look forward to hearing about all of your forthcoming adventures :blush:

@Maggie8K Thanks, I’m glad there are more benefits to being a senior citizen than getting a senior discount lol …
You provide some interesting tips and perspective. I appreciate and will use them.

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