Hello from Surrey, UK!

Hello, we are new to the forum. Like to meet Cat and dog lovers
Chamari and Diyan


Welcome to our community forum Chamari & Diyan would love to know more about you and your TrustedHousesitters story.

Angela & The Team

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Hello Angela,
We have been with house Sitters for many years and we had many wonderful people who came and looked after our cat’s and I think House Sitters is a lovely place to meet very nice people and also who have done a fantastic job looking after our two cats. Every body we have met through House Sitters were wonderful and well travelled people.

Best regards

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Hi Diyan and Chamari. Welcome to the forum. How are your gorgeous cats, Shilpa and Vikum, who my sister and I looked after in December 2019 for you? Hope you and your extended family are safe and well from the pandemic. Margaret


Hello Margaret, how lovely to hear from you. We hope you are keeping well. We have some sad news. We lost Vikum on the 12th of May this year. He was doing so well and was with us for fifteen and a half years and He got ill early part of April, and very soon and sadly his beautiful life came to an end. Chamari and I are devastated and did everything we could do for him, but it was his time to leave us and we are happy for Vikum that he did not have to suffer. Now we have Shilpa who is very needy as he misses his brother so much and have got very close to us. We would love to see you again and if you are in the area please DM us for our number. We will be happy to come and pick you up and very welcome to stay with us a couple of days if you have the time. We would love to spend some time with you and hopefully you are in the UK currently. Kindest regards, Diyan and Chamari.

Hello Margaret, We are sorry for the late reply and our previous e-mail would confirm why the delay was.
Look forward to meeting you again.
Kind regards
Diyan and Chamari

Hi Diyan and Chamari, I am so sorry to learn that Vikum has passed away and know just how you must feel having lost many cats over the years, some 18 years old. I do feel for you both. Shilpa would indeed be missing his brother and wanting more attention and love from you. It would be lovely to catch up with you at some stage but at present I am in Australia with no international travel allowed yet. Lovely to reconnect with you through the forum. Margaret


Hi Margaret, how wonderful to hear from you and thank you so very much for your kind words and you have had very similar experiences with cat’s and we are so happy that Vikum was with us for fifteen and half years. We thought you were still in England. We hope you are keeping well and healthy. Do you have Whatsap? if you do, please send us your whatsapp number so that we could keep in touch. Chamari sends her warm regards. Best wishes for now. Diyan

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@Diyan I have sent a message to your Inbox.