Hello I am Coral, new to the forum, nomadic house and pet sitter

Hello, my name is Coral and I have been a Trusted Housesitter on and off since 2017.

Phil, my husband, and I started house and dog sitting in 2013, in Melbourne Australia, for a friend. Then a few years later, having moved house and needing somewhere to stay whilst our house was renovated, we began sitting locally in the West Midlands.

We are both now retired and having a gap year or two, living nomadically, house sitting and travelling.

Currently on a 4 week sit for 2 house cats in Birmingham UK, and next week we head to Southend to care for a cat and a dog.

We plan to housesit for most of 2023, in between trips to Europe.

Looking forward to hearing all about you, hints and tips to secure sits, and anything else really.


Hello @Coral. Welcome to our community here in the forum. Thanks for introducing yourself. We love it when new members jump in and let us know a little about themselves. Congratulations on your retirements. That’s such a life-changing milestone, isn’t it?

I’m glad to hear you’ve lined up some pet sits. We’d love to see pictures of your new furry friends.

I took a quick look at your TrustedHousesitters sitter page, and there’s really nothing I can suggest you tweak to make it more enticing to pet parents. Maybe some of our other members will take a look at it to, and let you know if they have any suggestions.

We’re looking forward to hearing more about your travels and pet sits, and to seeing pictures of the lucky furry ones you get to stay with.

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Thank you for the welcome.

Hello @Coral and welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:
It sounds like you have quite the adventure planned and I cannot wait to see some pics of your pawsome friends! :paw_prints: :dog: :cat: